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In the next instant, the translucent thread exploded into a pillar of scorching white light that erupted forth in all directions, instantly inundating everything within a radius of thousands of kilometers.

All of the golden-armored guards were destroyed within the white light, and Jin Tong transformed into a giant beetle again.

At the same time, it curled up into a shimmering golden ball with purplish-golden patterns all over its surface.

As for Ma Liang, he only managed to flee for a short distance before he was also inundated by the white light with a horrified expression.


The azure mirror in front of Han Li exploded, but the dazzling white light displayed in the mirror was visible in the distance.

Han Li looked up and cast a grim gaze toward the center of Baleful Cry Point, where rumbling booms were ringing out incessantly alongside the flashing of white light.

A hint of awe surfaced in Han Li's eyes as he sensed the energy fluctuations surging forth from that direction.

"This Bipolar Destruction Formation is truly fearsome! If I hadn't set up these protective measures in advance, I most likely would have perished here as well," Han Li sighed.

Daoist Xie's voice rang out in response. "If this had been a true Bipolar Destruction Formation, you would've indeed been no match for the power of its self-detonation. However, due to the alterations we made, the power of the self-detonation is only around a tenth of what it otherwise would be, so there's a very good chance that you'll be able to survive with your powers."

As soon as the voice trailed off, Daoist Xie appeared behind Han Li amid a flash of silver lightning.

"In that case, wouldn't there be an even greater chance that the true immortal would survive?" Han Li asked.

"That's correct," Daoist Xie replied.

"By your estimations, how much power would that true immortal be able to retain once if he managed to escape the explosion?" Han Li asked with a contemplative expression.

"That's hard to say, but he most likely won't be able to maintain his true immortal body, and he'll suffer backlash to a certain extent. I don't know what secret technique he used to allow him to oppose the restrictive power of this realm, but it's definitely going to come back to bite him," Daoist Xie said.

"In that case, it sounds like you approve of my plan to go and take a look," Han Li said.

"That's ultimately up to you. The enemy is no ordinary true immortal, so there's a very good chance that he'll be carrying True Soul Pills. If you can obtain one, then it'll be a lot easier for you to transcend your ascension tribulation," Daoist Xie replied after a brief hesitation.

"I see. It looks like I have no choice but to take a risk then. Thankfully, in his current state, I'll be able to escape even if I can't defeat him," Han Li said with a faint smile, then swept a sleeve through the air to conjure up a silver lightning formation on the ground.

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