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At this moment, the nauseating odor of blood and gore swept down from the giant crimson seal, striking everyone with a sense of dizziness and discomfort.

The fleeing Grand Ascension Stage beings were very alarmed by this, and they immediately released defensive treasures to keep this odor at bay.

Ming Zun's expression had darkened significantly following the destruction of the Buddhist River Paradise Domain, but he managed to remain calm as he urged, "What are you waiting for, fellow daoists? If you have any trump cards left, now would be the time to use them! If we split up and try to escape, we'll just be hunted down one by one."

As soon as his voice trailed off, he opened his mouth to release a pristine white scroll within a burst of five-colored light.

He then flicked a string of incantation seals toward the scroll, and it slowly unfurled to release countless silver runes that formed a giant silver net before rising up toward the giant seal in the sky.

The two clashed amid a rumbling boom, and the frail-looking silver net wasn't immediately destroyed. Instead, it managed to slow down the giant seal's descent!

"That's the Profound Heavenly Treasure, the Great Silver Heavenly Tome!" Yin Gangzi exclaimed upon seeing this.

A hesitant look then appeared on his face before he gritted his teeth and arrived at a decision.

All of a sudden, a loud boom rang out within his body, and wisps of silver light surged forth in a frenzy, transforming into a silver giant with long green hair that was several hundred feet tall.

As soon as the giant appeared, it unleashed countless fist projections toward the crimson seal.

With each punch that was unleashed, a thunderclap would ring out, as if every attack possessed the power of divine lightning.

Meanwhile, Mistress Wu Ling began to chant an incantation, and a monstrous black projection with a pig's head and an ape's body appeared behind her amid a flash of black light.

As soon as the projection appeared, it let loose a long roar before opening its mouth, and the entire sky suddenly dimmed as an unfathomably massive mouth emerged above the crimson seal before biting downward, threatening to swallow the entire seal whole.

The woman in the green palatial dress gritted her teeth before also springing into action, and the attacks unleashed by her were no less fearsome than the others. She raised a hand to summon a giant rainbow ax projection that was over 10,000 feet in length, and the projection slashed directly toward the massive seal without any reservation.

The other Grand Ascension Stage beings were also unleashing attacks of their own, and it seemed that their attacks were very uncoordinated, but they all reached the crimson seal in the blink of an eye.

Ma Liang gave a cold harrumph upon seeing this, and he pointed a finger at the giant seal, upon which the blood mist around the seal abruptly shuddered, releasing a series of invisible shockwaves that

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