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Netherworld Monarch Menace's eyes narrowed slightly upon seeing this, and he brandished his mace in front of himself in a casual manner before taking a deep breath and letting loose a deafening roar.

In the face of this thunderous roar, the space before him twisted and warped, forming a semi-transparent light barrier.

The azure thread struck the light barrier like a torrential storm, only to instantly vanish into it without a trace.

A hint of surprise flashed through Han Li's eyes upon seeing this, and the azure longsword in his hand elongated to around 10 feet in length at his behest before being slashed through the air again.

All of a sudden, a sword projection that was over 100 feet in length appeared above Netherworld Monarch Menace before crashing down from above.

Netherworld Monarch Menace gave a cold harrumph as he lashed out upward with his mace without any hesitation.

Countless bursts of black Qi surged out of the mace in a frenzy amid a burst of ghostly howls, transforming into a black dragon that rose up into the heavens.

Even before the azure sword projection had a chance to descend, it was destroyed by the black dragon, which then let loose a rumbling roar as it pounced directly toward Han Li.

Han Li's expression remained unchanged at the sight of the black dragon, and all of a sudden, a series of azure flying swords erupted out of all parts of his body before forming an azure sword lotus that was around an acre in size.

The petals of the sword lotus slowly blossomed at Han Li's behest, and it then surged toward the black dragon before tearing the dragon into countless shreds with its peerlessly sharp sword Qi.

As opposed to being enraged by the destruction of the black dragon, Netherworld Monarch Menace chortled with glee. "Haha, even though I was only testing you just now, I can see that you're quite a formidable opponent; I'll be able to have some fun in this battle."

As soon as his voice trailed off, he brandished his mace again before beginning to chant an incantation.

All of a sudden, bright crimson light erupted from his mace, and it transformed into a crimson flag.

The flag was comprised of crimson mist, while the flagpole was constructed from a length of white bone.

Just the mere sight of the flag struck one with a bone-chilling sensation, and as soon as it took shape, the flag was tossed up into the air by Netherworld Monarch Menace.

Countless arcs of black lightning sprang out of the surface of the flag, and five shimmering golden skulls suddenly emerged from it.

Initially, the skulls were only around the size of average bowls, but they quickly swelled to the size of wagon wheels with crimson flames flashing in their eyes and faint green light being released out of their mouths.

Han Li couldn't help but falter slightly upon seeing this.

"Hehe, these are True Yin Devils that I refined from the martial souls of the powerful enemies I've slain; perhaps

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