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"Rest assured, all of the preparations are complete, and our army has also reached the predetermined destination. It's a pity that their realm is a main realm that we're unable to convert. Otherwise, we'd be able to directly invade their realm through that realm entrance. Having said that, it's a good thing that we can resolve this through this match. After all, aside from this small world, we have no other conflicts of interest with them," the final short figure replied in a voice akin to that of an infant.

"Through searching the souls of the living beings we captured, I discovered that their realm seems to belong to a cluster of realms that has already lost contact with the True Immortal Realm for countless years. If it weren't for an incident that occurred in this small world that just so happened to connect it with our two main realms, we wouldn't even be able to come into contact with them. It's exactly because of this that their cultivation conventions shouldn't have changed much since ancient times, and they could possess many cultivation arts and secret techniques that are very rare in other realms.

"This is why Brother Ming Xiong sent all five of us here at once. On one hand, he wants us to claim sole ownership over this small world, and at the same time, he also wants us to learn some things while battling our opponents. Haven't you realized that the five of us have all been stuck at bottlenecks for many years?" the authoritative shadow said.

The burly shadow's eyed immediately lit up upon hearing this. "In that case, we really have to thank Brother Ming Xiao for being so thoughtful. Hehe, it's a rare opportunity to witness ancient cultivation arts; hopefully they won't disappoint us."

"Alright, seeing as there are no other issues, let's end things here for today and go back to rest. Tomorrow, we'll send out some people to communicate with our opponents and set up the required restrictions in preparation for the upcoming match," the authoritative shadow declared.

All of the other shadows nodded in agreement.

The next morning, groups of armored warriors and menacing ghostly beings appeared on the five mountains, and they were all busy at work.

Only after half a day had passed did the formation masters on both sides complete the protective restrictions, and cross-examination took place thereafter.

Several hours later, all of the formation masters left the mountains, with each side leaving only a few guards at the location.

Another day passed, and just as Han Li was making his way toward the hall of the stronghold, he finally met the vastly renowned Xue Sha of the Blood Sky Continent.

This was a grey-robed middle-aged man with an ordinary appearance, but Han Li was able to clearly sense the extremely fearsome baleful aura within Xue Sha's body, which was quite alarming even to Han Li.

Before Han Li had a chance to say anything to Xue Sha, they were called out of the hall by Bi Ying and flew int

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