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Han Li naturally paid no heed to this, and he raised his giant wooden sword before slashing it through the air again.

The world's origin Qi tremored as another dark green line swept through the air.

Ma Liang's expression changed slightly as he swept both sleeves through the air, releasing a flurry of close to 100 treasures of all types of different descriptions.

The treasures converged toward the green line before exploding into scintillating balls of light.

These treasures were all clearly very formidable, and with each treasure that was detonated, the green line would falter and shorten slightly.

Once all of the treasures had been detonated, the green line finally reached Ma Liang, but at this point, it had been reduced to only just over 100 feet in length.

One of Ma Liang's fingers turned a crimson-golden color, and he slashed it toward the green line in retaliation.

The finger immediately exploded into blood mist, but what little remained of the green line also faded.

At this point, Ma Liang was looking rather worse-for-wear, but he cast a cold gaze toward Han Li, and said, "Unleashing these full-power attacks using that Profound Heavenly Treasure requires an immense amount of magic power expenditure; there's no way a mere Grand Ascension Stage being like you can unleash more than two of those attacks. Hehe, on top of that, you have to maintain that massive sword formation; you can't have much magic power left."

Immediately thereafter, he flipped a hand over to summon a translucent silver flute.

"You'll know soon enough whether I can unleash more than two of these attacks. Besides, it's not like your situation is much better; you're already a spent force," Han Li chuckled coldly before making a grabbing motion with his other five hands, and five heavy golden weapons appeared in his grasp.

"Haha, don't you worry about me; I have more than enough power left to kill you!" Ma Liang chortled in an enraged manner as he brought the flute to his lips.

In the next instant, a burst of silver soundwaves erupted forth alongside the melodious sound of the flute, and the space in the wake of the silver soundwaves was becoming rather blurry and indistinct.

As soon as Han Li heard the sound of the flute, he was struck by a sense of drowsiness, following which his surroundings blurred, and in the next instant, he found himself situated within a churning sea of blood.

Countless malicious creatures rushed out of the sea of blood, and almost all of them possessed auras at the Grand Ascension Stage.

"Hmph, you think a mere illusion like this can fool me?" Han Li remained completely unfazed as he lashed out with his five golden weapons, sending formidable shockwaves proliferating outward in all directions to instantly eradicate the malicious creatures and sea of blood around him.

Even the most profound illusion stood no chance against his almighty attacks.

However, a mocking smile appeared on Ma

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