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"You don't know what a vial spirit is? Hmph, looks like you don't have anything to do with that traitor then. In any case, it's a massive pleasant surprise to be able to recover the vessel. As for what the vial spirit is, a being from a lower realm like you has no right to know about it. After I capture you and search your soul, I'll send you on your way," Ma Liang said with a cold smile.

As soon as his voice trailed off, the dark green vial in his hand vanished, while the crimson seal in his other hand was tossed forward.

All of a sudden, the crimson seal vanished, but eight rivers of blood descended from the heavens before transforming into eight five-clawed blood dragons that pounced viciously toward Han Li.

These eight blood dragons were all comparable to Grand Ascension Stage beings, and in Ma Liang's eyes, they were more than enough to take care of Han Li's duo.

Right at this moment, Daoist Xie transformed into a giant golden crab amid a flash of silver lightning, then swung its giant pincers viciously through the air, sending two balls of lightning the size of houses hurtling directly toward two of the blood dragons.

He then flew forward as a ball of lightning himself, and thus, a fierce battle ensued between the golden crab and the two blood dragons.

Meanwhile, Han Li took a deep breath and stowed his azure vial away, and the sea of azure swords around him suddenly transformed into a massive sword formation that spanned an area of over 100 acres.

He pointed a finger at the sword formation from afar, and a ball of azure light appeared at the center of the formation before expanding rapidly, following which a giant azure dragon that was several thousand feet in length flew out of the azure light.

The dragon was of an exuberant green color, and every single one of its scales was glistening with a cold light.

As soon as it appeared, it pounced toward the blood dragon that was nearest to it.

The blood dragon immediately opened its mouth in retaliation, releasing a pillar of crimson light that struck the green dragon's body with unerring accuracy.

However, countless streaks of sword Qi immediately erupted out of the green dragon's body to eradicate the crimson pillar of light, leaving the green dragon completely unscathed.

Ma Liang's expression changed slightly upon seeing this, yet before he had a chance to formulate any concrete thoughts, the green dragon and the blood dragon had already clashed.

Within the span of no more than two breaths, the blood dragon was torn to shreds. However, the remaining five blood dragons also took advantage of this opportunity to unleash powerful attacks toward the green dragon in unison.

The green dragon remained completely unfazed as countless streaks of lethal sword Qi were unleashed out of its scales in retaliation.

Right at this moment, the blood dragon that had just been torn apart instantly regenerated before pouncing toward the green dragon ag

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