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At their speed, the three of them reached the center of the giant island in the blink of an eye, and an ordinary-looking mountain appeared up ahead.

All of a sudden, a pillar of white light erupted into the heavens from the mountain, following which the scenery up ahead shattered like a mirror to reveal two lush green mountains and a valley that was filled with abundant spiritual Qi.

The pillar of white light was originating from none other than that valley.

Han Li faltered slightly upon seeing this pillar of light.

During his last visit, this pillar of light had only appeared after the restrictions had been broken; why was it appearing prematurely from the Bitter Spirit Valley now?

Just as Han Li was contemplating the potential reasons behind this, a ball of azure light suddenly flew out of his sleeve before hurtling directly toward the pillar of light in the distance as a blurry shadow.

Han Li's expression changed drastically upon seeing this, and he immediately made a grabbing motion, releasing a burst of enormous invisible power to immobilize the ball of azure light several thousand feet away.

The azure light faded to reveal the azure vial, and at this moment, it had become semi-transparent with countless dark green runes on its surface.

Furthermore, it was tremoring violently, attempting to break free with all its might.

At the same time, a sharp ringing sound erupted from within the pillar of white light, and a ball of yellow light shot forth toward Han Li like a shooting star.

Han Li's heart jolted upon seeing this, and he immediately made a grabbing motion with his other hand as well.

Spatial fluctuations erupted above the ball of yellow light, and a giant golden hand appeared before grabbing toward the ball of light like lightning.

All of a sudden, countless azure threads erupted out of the ball of yellow light, and the giant golden hand was instantly riddled with holes before disintegrating into specks of spiritual light.

The ball of yellow light continued onward, covering a distance of several kilometers in the blink of an eye before appearing directly beside the small azure vial.

The yellow light then faded to reveal a small yellow vial that was completely identical in size and appearance to the azure vial.

As soon as the yellow vial appeared, it immediately rushed toward the small azure vial, as if it were attempting to fuse as one with it.

However, a layer of dark green light suddenly appeared over the surface of the small azure vial, and the yellow vial was repelled, tumbling back several tens of feet before steadying itself again.

Two specks of yellow light flashed from the vial, and a pair of pea-sized black eyes appeared on its surface, displaying a stunned expression.

Immediately thereafter, the yellow vial rushed toward the azure vial again, but regardless of what angle it approached the azure vial from, it was invariably kept at bay by the layer of dark

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