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"I didn't think that news of this would spread so quickly. Unfortunately for them, I've already taken one of the True Soul Pills and sold the rest to several other Grand Ascension Stage beings of our Spirit Realm," Han Li chuckled in response.

"You may be able to fool the average cultivator with such an alibi, but I'm not sure it'll work on the powerful beings attending the convention," Tian Fei'er said with a hint of a smile.

"It's up to them whether they believe me or not. If some of them dare to try and target me, then I'll make sure they're taught a good lesson," Han Li replied with a nonchalant smile.

Tian Fei'er's brows furrowed slightly upon hearing this, but her smile then immediately returned as she said, "Hehe, it looks like you're already well equipped to deal with the situation. By the way, Elder Jin of our True Dragon Race has heard about the True Soul Pills, and he would like to meet you in private."

Han Li's expression changed slightly upon hearing this. "Elder Jin? Are you referring to the Golden Dragon grand elder who's renowned to be the most powerful being of your race?"

"There's no need to be concerned, Fellow Daoist. The Dao Fruit Convention has always been a good opportunity for powerful beings to exchange treasures; Elder Jin is very interested in the True Soul Pills, but he's not going to force a transaction. If you don't want to trade your remaining True Soul Pills, then you don't have to," Tian Fei'er said.

"That's very generous of Elder Jin. Unfortunately, these True Soul Pills are extremely important for my ascension tribulation, so even if I have some in reserve, I have no intention of trading them," Han Li said with a shake of his head.

Tian Fei'er seemed to have already anticipated this response, and she said, "Don't be so quick to refuse, Brother Han. Elder Jin asked me to tell you that what he's offering for exchange is even more valuable than True Soul Pills when it comes to ascension tribulations. As you know, us true dragons are different from normal living beings, and we're not that interested in ascending to the True Immortal Realm. As such, some extremely precious items to other powerful beings are next to useless for us."

"Oh? In that case, I'm certainly open to hearing what Elder Jin has to offer. How about this? I'll make a decision about whether I want to visit Elder Jin once I arrive on the True Dragon Island," Han Li decided after some hesitation.

"I'm sure you won't regret agreeing to meet with Elder Jin, Brother Han. Also, if the trade takes place, word will spread that you've offloaded your True Soul Pills to our True Dragon Race, and no other powerful beings will harass you then," Tian Fei'er said with a smile.

"Hehe, that does sound like an appealing arrangement," Han Li chuckled.

Having said all that needed to be said about the True Soul Pills, Tian Fei'er changed the subject. "Alright, it's about time that we set off. The True Dragon Island isn't far

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