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Around a month later, a collection of scaled beings with horns on their heads were walking along the streets of an ordinary-looking small town.

There were also some other beings with extremely powerful auras in the town, and all of them had disguised their appearances through various as they visited the shops on the main street in the eastern part of the town.

"What? 10 tones of Wind Essence Metal?" Inside a dimly lit shop, a middle-aged shopkeeper with a short purple horn on his head was staring at the customer before him with an astonished expression.

Recently, there had been a sharp spike in the number of large sales being made in his shop, but he was still stunned by such a massive order.

The customer standing in front of the shopkeeper was enshrouded within a layer of azure light that completely concealed his appearance, and he said, "Do you not have that much stock? I've heard that the shops on the True Dragon Island are renowned for their ability to supply Wind Essence Metal; surely this isn't too much to ask."

"If you had come around half a month earlier, we would've been able to satisfy your order, but at the moment, we only have around four tons of stock; all of the rest have been purchased by several other seniors half a month ago," the shopkeeper replied in a respectful manner.

It was clear that all of the people making such large orders were powerful beings from outside the True Dragon Island, and he was only a mid-grade being with some true dragon bloodline in his body, so he naturally didn't dare to display any disrespect toward these esteemed customers.

"Alright, I'll take the four tons you have left then," the customer said after a brief hesitation, then swept a sleeve through the air to release a storage bracelet.

The shopkeeper caught the bracelet before quickly examining its contents, then immediately replied, "Please wait for a moment while I get someone to bring the materials to us."

Immediately thereafter, he pulled out a disk and spoke briefly into it.

A short while later, a small hidden formation in a room behind the shop flashed, and a young dragon emerged.

He quickly made his way into the shop, then pulled out three identical azure storage bracelets that he handed to the shopkeeper.

"Please examine to see if that's the right amount," the shopkeeper said as he offered the storage bracelets to the customer with both hands.

"There's no need for that; I trust in the reputation of your race," the customer said as he accepted the three storage bracelets, then immediately departed without examining their contents, leaving the two dragons to stare at one another in the shop.

"I can't believe he didn't even bother to examine such a large quantity of Wind Essence Metal," the young dragon said.

"You don't know anything! That man was granted entry to the island, so he must be somehow related to the esteemed true dragons on the island. Besides, a powerful being of his cal

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