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Right at this moment, the five golden heads on the giant's neck opened their mouths to let loose a chorus of sharp screeches.

As a result, the space around the giant's headless body warped and twisted, and a shimmering golden light barrier appeared.

The barrage of invisible sword Qi struck the light barrier in a torrential storm, only to be repelled and completely unable to harm the light barrier.

At the same time, one of the ghostly faces on the giant's body vanished, and a new head quickly appeared in the place of the decapitated one amid a burst of black Qi.

Jin Tong remained completely expressionless upon seeing this, but a cold light suddenly flashed through its eyes, and spatial fluctuation erupted on either side of the giant, following which two streaks of sword Qi that were over 100 feet in length surged toward him in a crisscross formation.

The seemingly indestructible light barrier was instantly vanquished, and the giant was decapitated once again.

However, a second ghostly face quickly vanished from the giant's body, and yet another head appeared in the place of the newly decapitated one before cackling in a derisive manner, "I have the power of 1,000 ghosts within my body, which means that I have 1,000 lives. Even if you kill me hundreds of times, it won't do anything. Now then, let me see if you can withstand an attack from the power of 1,000 ghosts!"

As soon as his voice trailed off, all of the ghostly faces on Netherworld Monarch Menace's body suddenly converged toward his arms, following which he made a grabbing motion with both hands in unison.

Countless bursts of black Qi surged forth, and all of the ghostly faces peeled themselves off the giant's arms before putting on extremely menacing expressions.

All of a sudden, the pair of massive claws detached themselves from the giant's arm before swelling to around an acre in size, and one of them shot forth toward Jin Tong, while the other hurtled directly toward Han Li.

Jin Tong's expression changed slightly for the first time at the sight of the oncoming giant claw, and it immediately vanished into thin air amid a flash of golden light.

However, the giant claw made a grabbing motion, and the countless ghostly faces nearby warped slightly before five black chains shot out of the claw's fingertips.

The five chains suddenly vanished into thin air, then abruptly pulled back, and Jin Tong was wrenched out of space amid a burst of violent spatial fluctuations with the five black chains wound tightly around its body.

The giant claw immediately gripped onto Jin Tong before attempting to crush Jin Tong in its grasp.

All of the ghostly faces around the claw suddenly began to howl loudly, then exploded into bursts of black Qi that instantly inundated both Jin Tong and the giant claw.

However, in the next instant, two streaks of invisible sword Qi that were over 100 feet in length emerged within the black Qi before destroying the gi

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