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Several bands of purplish-golden light appeared over Han Li's body, and the world's origin Qi he had just absorbed surged into the giant green sword in his grasp in a frenzy.

A row of silver runes lit up on the blade, and a green crescent sword projection that was over 1,000 feet in length swept forth before vanishing into thin air.

"That's a Profound Heavenly Treasure!" Netherworld Monarch Menace immediately exclaimed upon sensing the law fluctuations being released by the giant green sword, and he hurriedly made a hand seal to try and unleash some type of evasive technique, but it was already too late.

In the next instant, spatial fluctuations erupted above Netherworld Monarch Menace, and the green crescent reappeared before descending toward him amid a burst of fearsome power of laws.

The space around him immediately tightened, and his entire body was immobilized by the power of laws, making him feel as if he had been sealed within a massive ice mountain, rendering all struggles completely futile.

The Profound Heavenly Spiritslash Sword was far more powerful than Netherworld Monarch Menace had anticipated, and none of the Profound Heavenly Treasure he had seen in the past could compare with its power.

"I concede! Remove the restrictions!" Netherworld Monarch Menace yelled in a horrified manner, and the two light barriers over encompassing the entire mountain instantly vanished, but the green crescent still continued onward without pause.

After attempting to use several types of secret techniques to escape, all to no avail, Netherworld Monarch Menace was finally growing desperate. "Power of 1,000 ghosts, explode!"

All of a sudden, the ghostly faces on his body turned a bright red color before exploding amid a string of resounding booms.

A cloud of blood mist immediately erupted forth in all directions, greatly nullifying the power of laws in the surrounding area.

At the same time, Netherworld Monarch Menace's body rapidly shrank down to its original size, and he struggled free from the binding power of laws before rising up into the air.

Han Li gave a cold harrumph upon seeing this, and he suddenly lashed out like lightning with his giant green sword.

This was an extremely ordinary-looking slash, but the front half of the giant blade vanished as soon as the attack was unleashed.

Netherworld Monarch Menace had just evaded the green crescent, but right at this moment, a semi-transparent giant blade projection appeared out of thin air beside him amid a flash of green light, then flashed through the air and sliced his body in half, completely disregarding the protective crimson flames burning over his body.

Netherworld Monarch Menace let loose an agonized how, but he still didn't panic as he made a hand seal, upon which his lower body instantly exploded into a cloud of blood mist.

His upper body was enveloped within the blood mist, then vanished on the spot amid a resounding boom.


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