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One world was filled with skeletons formed by black Qi wreaking havoc within a sea of crimson flames, while the other world was filled with lush greenery and countless five-colored butterflies.

The two worlds were seemingly divided by an invisible line, and they were clashing incessantly. Either the crimson flames were reducing the trees and butterflies to ashes, or the trees and vines were growing thicker and stronger before sweeping up countless skeletons as fertilizer. The clash between the vastly contrasting worlds was creating a giant vortex at the center that was revolving rapidly, but it was making no sound, as if it were nothing more than an illusion.

"Impressive! Both of them have begun to master spirit domains. Even though their grasp is very elementary, the average Grand Ascension Stage being would definitely be powerless against them. Jin Tong, go and kill that lizard; leave this Netherworld Monarch to me," Han Li instructed.

Jin Tong nodded in response before flying toward the two-headed giant lizard down below as a streak of golden light.

As for Han Li, he transformed into a giant Kun Peng that was over 1,000 feet in length with countless arcs of silver lightning flashing over his body, then plunged down from the heavens.

In the instant that the light barriers were shattered, both Wen Xinfeng and the skeleton had immediately noticed Han Li and Jin Tong's arrival.

Wen Xinfeng was naturally ecstatic, while the skeleton's heart sank slightly, and now that Jin Tong and Han Li were getting involved in this battle, it knew that he couldn't just sit around passively any longer.

Thus, green flames lit up within its eyes, and it tossed the bowl in its hand high up into the air.

The bowl released countless crimson runes in a frenzy, then swelled to the size of a small mountain before hurtling directly toward Jin Tong.

At the same time, a thunderous roar rang out within the sea of blood below the skeleton, following which around a dozen giant crimson wyrms emerged before hurtling directly toward the huge Kun Peng.

Meanwhile, the skeleton made a rapid string of hand seals before pointing a finger toward the two clashing worlds from afar.

All of a sudden, the world that was filled with crimson flames abruptly exploded without any warning, forming an enormous crimson sun that released a sea of flames toward the opposing world.

In the face of this self-destructive attack, the trees and vines within the green world warped and twisted violently, and most of the five-colored butterflies instantly exploded.

Wen Xingfeng was quite alarmed to see this, and she hurriedly made a string of rapid hand seals while flicking a series of incantation seals toward the green world. As a result, she was unable to work with Han Li to attack the skeleton together.

The enormous suction force released by the crimson bowl forced Jin Tong to stop cold in its tracks, and in retaliation, it immediately released two

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