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"The Green Spirit Race? Are these green-skinned beings with semi-transparent wings?" Han Li asked as his eyes narrowed slightly.

Zhu Guo'er's expression changed slightly upon hearing this. "How did you know, Senior Han?"

"It seems that the entrance of our Inkspirit Holy Ark into this realm has caused too much of a disturbance, and there are many Green Spirit beings converging toward us as we speak," Han Li replied.

"I see. Be careful, Senior Han; no Grand Ascension Stage beings exist in the Small Spirit Sky due to insufficient spiritual Qi, but the Green Spirit Race is still the most powerful race in this entire realm. They can communicate with true-spirit-like beings known as Ancient Ancestral Tree Spirits through possession, and their power is not inferior to that of the average Grand Ascension Stage being," Zhu Guo'er hurriedly cautioned.

"Ancient Ancestral Tree Spirits? That sounds interesting. However, this isn't the time to be getting involved in pointless conflicts. If those Green Spirit beings know what's good for them, then they’ll stay out of my way, then I'll leave them be. However, if they dare to try and get in my way, then I wouldn't mind teaching them a lesson. No one can know about the entrance to this passageway, so I'll set up a restriction to conceal it," Han Li said as a cold light flashed through his eyes.

Immediately thereafter he raised a sleeve to release a series of formation flags, which transformed into balls of light of different colors before vanishing into the surrounding space in a flash.

Han Li then made a hand seal before pointing a finger at the ball of rainbow light, releasing a burst of five-colored runes that transformed into a light barrier to conceal the entire ball of light.

In the blink of an eye, the ball of rainbow light and the light barrier had both disappeared, and the faint spatial fluctuations emanating from the ball of light were also cut off.

After that, Han Li chanted an incantation before switching to a different hand seal, then swept his sleeve through the air again, releasing a burst of green light that transformed into a huge rune before exploding amid a dull thump.

Countless green threads dispersed through the surrounding area, and the giant pine tree, which had already been reduced to scraps of wood, began to rapidly reform itself at a rate discernible to the naked eye, as if by some kind of miracle.

Even the crater on the ground was beginning to become filled again, and within the span of just a few breaths, both the tree and the ground had returned to normal.

After sweeping his spiritual sense through the area to ensure that he hadn't missed anything, a pleased look appeared on Han Li's face.

He then thrust a palm toward the distance, and a small mountain close to 10 kilometers away was instantly razed to the ground amid an earth-shattering boom.

A giant handprint had appeared on the ground within a radius of half a kilometer around th

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