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After that, a few more subjects were discussed before Han Li finally departed.

Moments later, a giant black ark flew away into the distance above the stone hall, and Han Li was standing at the front of the ark, looking into the distance with a contemplative expression.

The sound of footsteps rang out behind him, and Nangong Wan made his way over to him before asking in a gentle voice, "Did Fellow Daoist Ming have something important to discuss with you?"

"That's a long story; let's go back to the cabin, and I'll tell you about it there," Han Li replied as he turned around with a wry smile.


Several months later, in a certain mysterious space, there were three giant beasts, each of which was biting tightly onto a purplish-golden chain with uneasy looks on their faces.

The other ends of the three chains were bound around a black-robed young man, and even though he seemed to have been immobilized by the chains, there was no fear in his eyes at all. Instead, he was appraising the three beasts around him with a mocking expression.

After a long while, the black-robed young man said in a completely emotionless voice, "If the three of you subject to me now, my offer still stands; I'll spare your lives and take you as my spirit servants, then bring you to the True Immortal Realm with me once I finish what I came here to do. Otherwise, once the chains of laws unleash their backlash, the three of you will all perish."

"That's impossible! The backlash from these chains of laws should only target a true immortal like you; why would we be impacted as well? Even if we're going to be affected, you'll still be the one who suffers the brunt of the backlash, and the three of us will be able to survive without any issues," a deer-bear hybrid beast roared in an enraged voice.

"Hehe, which idiot gave you this method to activate the chains of laws? You clearly don't know what you're doing, yet you dare to use this on me. If I hadn't reacted quickly enough and dragged you with me into this spatial treasure, we would've been sitting ducks. Now, we can only wait for the backlash from the power of laws. Mere true spirits like you can't even begin to comprehend how fearsome this power is; even a small portion of it will be enough to instantly reduce the three of you to nothingness. You're already beginning to sense your true essence being slowly devoured by the chains of laws, right?My immortal body is far more powerful than yours, and I have several immortal treasures to protect me, so I'll be able to easily survive and recover from this," Ma Liang said with a derisive smile.

"Nonsense! This method was bestowed upon us by the Golden Dragon King; how could it be incorrect? Don't think that you can sow dissension among us so easily. If what you're saying really is the truth, then you would just wait in silence; why would you tell us all of this?" the deer-bear hybrid beast retorted.

"If it weren't for the fact that I have s

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