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Yang Deer's expression changed drastically upon hearing this, while a flash of hope appeared in the giant sparrow's despairing eyes, and it turned toward its former companion with a bloodthirsty expression.

After appraising one another for a short while, both of them let loose fierce roars, and Yang Deer swelled to over 100 times its original size, while a suit of earthy yellow armor that was riddled with sharp spikes appeared all over its body.

Meanwhile, the giant sparrow flapped its wings, and the grey spirit flames burning all over its body surged toward Yang Deer as a storm of fire.

Thus, a violent clash ensued, and Ma Liang looked on with a cold smile before vanishing into thin air along with the giant crimson seal beneath him.

In the next instant, Ma Liang appeared at a certain area of the Thunder Continent, and he was inspecting his surroundings while holding a trembling dark green vial in his hand.

The entire surrounding area was completely deserted, and after ascertaining this, a cold smile appeared on Ma Liang's face as he flew away as a streak of golden light.

Close to a day later, he descended onto an ordinary-looking mountain before tossing the small green vial in his hand forward.

The vial immediately tipped itself over to release a burst of light, from within which an imposing figure emerged.

This figure was none other than Yang Deer, but his body was riddled with wounds, and his suit of armor was also severely damaged.

"As expected, you were the one who survived," Ma Liang said in an indifferent manner.

"Yang Deer pays his respects to his master!" The deer-headed beast immediately knelt down on one knee.

"You're very courageous and you know what's good for you. If you hadn't assisted me back there, it wouldn't have been so easy for me to escape from that predicament. Rest assured, you did everything I asked, so I'll compensate you as promised; I'll give you a True Soul Pill and take you to the True Immortal Realm. However, prior to that, you have to offer me part of your soul and sign a spirit servant contract first; I'll also take advantage of this opportunity to sever all of your ties with this realm," Ma Liang said in an expressionless manner.

"Yes, Master." Yang Deer only hesitated for a brief moment before opening its mouth to release a ball of green light, within which was a tiny deer-headed beast.

"How fortunate for you; once you sign the contract on this immortal spirit slip, you'll no longer be affected by the power of this realm, and you'll be able to ascend to the True Immortal Realm without any issues. In contrast, it'll take me countless years to refine this treasure again," Ma Liang said before opening his mouth to release a radiant golden scroll.

"Open up your soul and don't resist. Otherwise, I can't guarantee your safety," Ma Liang said as he made a hand seal before pointing a finger at the golden scroll.

In the next instant, countless golden seal text

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