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A hint of surprise flashed through Bi Ying's eyes upon hearing this, and after a brief pause, he replied, "You're correct, what perished was just a clone of Fellow Daoist Xue Sha, not his true body. I only recently received news that Fellow Daoist Xue Sha encountered some unforeseen circumstances during an adventure, and even though he's safe now, he's sustained some injuries, which is why he sent this clone to participate in this match in his stead. This clone was refined by Fellow Daoist Xue Sha for tens of thousands of years; I still don't know how I'm going to answer to him now that it's been destroyed in this battle."

"At the very least, this is still much better than having Fellow Daoist Xue Sha's true body perish; I'm sure you'll be able to smooth things over by offering some extra compensation to Brother Xue Sha," the silver-armored man said as the silver lightning around him faded, and he rose to his feet.

At this moment, his complexion was looking far better than it had previously.

"I certainly hope so. Are you really alright, Brother Lei? Do you require any assistance from me?" Bi Ying asked in a concerned manner as he glanced at the black ghostly heads that were still clinging firmly to the silver-armored man's shoulders.

"I'm fine. It's just that these ghostly heads can't be removed right away; I'll just have to take some time to refine them using my bonded true flame when I get back. Having said that, I did lose a few vital life-saving treasures during the battle," the silver-armored man replied with a wry smile.

"Fellow Daoist Lei, what abilities did your opponent possess to reduce you to such a sorry state?" Han Li asked.

"That woman's other abilities aren't that remarkable, but she possesses a secret technique that can allow her to manipulate ghostly shadows, and it's extremely troublesome. Those ghostly shadows possess no form or substance, and they can instantly adhere to her body to grant her the same properties, thereby preventing her from sustaining any damage from my attacks. I did everything in my power to counter this secret technique, all to no avail, so I could only concede," the silver-armored man replied in an indignant manner.

"It seems like these cultivation arts of the Infernal Realm really are quite unique. It's understandable that you were defeated seeing as you're only facing these strange abilities for the first time, Brother Lei," Wen Xinfeng consoled in a gentle voice.

The silver-armored man merely shook his head in silence.

"Now that the outcome has been decided, there's no need for us to remain here any longer; let's return to the stronghold. In the coming days, we'll be able to see whether those ghostly beings are actually going to abide by the agreement," Bi Ying said as he stowed the Go board away, then rose up into the air, followed closely by everyone else.


A month later, the calm surface of an extremely secluded lake suddenly parted, and a giant bla

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