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After forming a contract with a human, no matter what kind of fey, even a Normal one, would possess an ability. The type of ability was most probably a species’ innate ability.


Take Jasmine Lily as an example. Even if a person were to form a contract with a Normal Jasmine Lily, they would get a healing ability.

The comprehended ability was also the most fundamental. For a fey to obtain a powerful ability, it would need to evolve to bronze-grade and awaken its exclusive skill. Subsequently, the exclusive skill could be used to complement the abilities to achieve overwhelmingly powerful changes.

This was also why people said that reaching bronze-grade was the true beginning of a fey. Therefore, for any spirit qi professional who had a little background, they would always pick a Bronze fey for their first contract.

When a fey reached bronze-grade, they would awaken different bronze-grade skills. That also applied to feys of the same species. This uniqueness allowed spirit qi professionals to pick a fey which had awakened a skill that was more compatible or helpful to themselves.

In order to form a contract with a fey, one needed spiritual energy, as it could fuse one’s soul with the fey’s soul. That’s why once someone formed a contract, the difficulty in dissolving it would be as hard as ascending to the heavens.

This was also why many experts who had formed contracts with low-grade feys due to insufficient resources didn’t replace them after the former got stronger. Instead, they would use resources to evolve their low-grade feys.


Lin Yuan was observing Morbius as he wanted to check its attribute. Presently, Morbius’ level of spirituality only allowed it to express subtle emotions. In order to have a regular conversation with Morbius, Lin Yuan would have to recover for some time.

When checking on Morbius’ attribute, Lin Yuan discovered that it was merely a Normal fey. However, Morbius’ attribute wasn’t like a Normal fey… Because Morbius didn’t just have an ability, it had an exclusive skill!


Everyone knew that exclusive skills were something that only Bronze feys would possess.

“Heavens, my contracted fey, Morbius, seems rather powerful!” Lin Yuan’s irises expanded as he was rather surprised.


Morbius, which had come to this world at the same time as him, had an exclusive skill when it was at normal-grade. If Morbius reached bronze-grade and awakened another exclusive skill, it would possess dual exclusive skills!


However, in legends, only when someone nurtured a fey into a Fantasy Breed would it possess dual exclusive skills.


Fantasy Breeds had always been a legend, and Lin Yuan could not get any access to such privy information right now. Nevertheless, when compared with ordinary feys, Fantasy Breeds were in another league.


Soon, joy replaced Lin Yuan’s amazement. Suddenly, he felt Morbius sending an emotional signal asking him to use its fi

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