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Lin Yuan left the Star Web and returned to his little store. His mind focused on the duel between the Radiance Hundred Sequence members.

This duel allowed Lin Yuan to find out about the standard of the Radiance Federation’s young generation. At the same time, Lin Yuan also had a deeper understanding as to what a Fantasy Breed was.

A Gold Fantasy Breed, healing-type fey was actually able to overwhelm and defeat a Platinum combat-class fey.

Lin Yuan had also obtained a Willpower Rune, and it was still floating around Lin Yuan’s spiritual zone with spiritual energy.

The floating Willpower Rune formed a mountain pattern, and it was reenacting the rebirth of plants after a great destruction. It emitted a feeling of boundless vitality from a green mountain.

This Willpower Rune was very suitable for healing-type feys, and as of now, Lin Yuan’s only healing-type fey was the Jasmine Lily.

It was unknown what the Jasmine Lily would transform into when its quality reached Legend, and it fused with this Willpower Rune to become a Fantasy Breed.

Not long after returning to the little store, Lin Yuan evolved the remaining pots of Usneas to elite-grade.

At that moment, apart from the contracted feys, Lin Yuan didn’t have other feys to evolve.

The book microchips, the five Elite X/Flawless Web-Spraying Spiders, the Spirit-Siphon Goldfish, the energy ores, and the Butterfly Shells that he had purchased on the Star Web had yet to arrive.

Seeing that his house had nearly no food ingredients, Lin Yuan carried Genius and Chimey out.

Genius stood on Lin Yuan’s shoulder while Chimey stood on Genius’ little head. Chimey was chirping out loudly and was in a great mood.

Lin Yuan smiled at Genius and Chimey while saying, “Genius, Chimey, I will bring the two of you out for shopping. Let’s go.”

When Lin Yuan was previously maintaining the store, it wasn’t earning much money. Even if it earned some money, Lin Yuan would save them up for Chu Ci’s future school fees.

Apart from purchasing goods, Lin Yuan didn’t have many chances to bring Genius and Chimey out for a shopping trip.

Now that Lin Yuan had money, he naturally wouldn’t be as thrifty as before.

On this trip, apart from the purchase of fruits and vegetables, the rest of the Federation dollars were used to purchase the daily necessities.

Of course, Lin Yuan didn’t need much of any daily necessities, and most of them were actually for Genius and Chimey.

Lin Yuan had already purchased several bags of energy biscuits that were suitable for elite-grade omnivorous feys. He had also purchased some consumable spiritual ingredients for Chimey that could enhance its feathers’ durability.

After pushing a whole stack of daily necessities back home, someone knocked on the door of the store.

Lin Yuan opened the door to see a man wearing the Ostrich Logistics’ uniform. He had put down several spirit storage boxes on the ground.

“I am Ostrich Logist

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