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Chapter 52: Victory

Lin Yuan looked at his opponent and gasped a mouthful of cold air.

While looking at the opponent’s information, Lin Yuan realized he was facing a 27-year-old power offense-type spirit qi professional. His name was Huang Chenglin.

His information card stated he had three Bronze feys—Poison Fire Python, River Water Python, and Acid Mist Python. They weren’t concealed at all.

Although his honesty left Lin Yuan rather surprised, he didn’t appreciate it. In a duel, not letting the opponent know of one’s contracted feys was a trump card by itself.

To expose one’s own feys without any concealment… Instead of saying that he was particularly confident, it was better to say that he was simple-minded.

Naturally, all feys had a bane that would counter them. When fighting against a fey that was your fey’s weakness, it was rarely possible to turn the tables.

However, Huang Chenglin was on the 22nd floor and was already considered an expert. As such, he had the capital to throw in a little advantage for the opponent.

Huang Chenglin’s highest floor record was 37th floor, which meant that Huang Chenglin had probably been unlucky and dropped to the 22nd floor. Even if he were to expose all of his feys’ information and lost the advantage, it wasn’t possible for him to drop to the 22nd floor.

While Lin Yuan was reading Huang Chenglin’s information, the same was happening on the other side.

Before Lin Yuan could speak, the opponent spoke first.

“Hey! Looking at your duel record, you are still a newcomer. But why did you only climb the Star Tower when your feys are at bronze-grade? You wouldn’t be somebody that is unlicensed, right?! Hiding all of your information like this. Since you are a healing-type professional, I will let you prepare first before receiving your death.”

Huang Chenglin shrugged his shoulders in an extremely relaxed manner.

A contractor’s mental state would affect the fey’s mental state. Huang Chenglin was totally relaxed and nonchalant, so the three Bronze python-species feys didn’t adopt an offensive posture like before. Instead, they revolved around Huang Chenglin and waited for his command.

Lin Yuan didn’t respond. Among Huang Chenglin’s three Bronze feys, Lin Yuan only knew a little about the Poison Fire Python. He didn’t know anything about the River Water Python and the Acid Mist Python.

As such, Lin Yuan commanded Genius to execute Tool Transformation. Genius turned into a pair of glasses, and when Lin Yuan wore them on his nose bridge, he took another glance at the Poison Fire Python, Acid Mist Python, and the River Water Python. All of a sudden, he had a comprehensive understanding of three pythons.

It was different from how he understood knowledge that was provided by Morbius’ True Data.

True Data provided knowledge on the fey’s grade, quality, abilities, and exclusive skill. The knowledge provided by Genius allowed Lin Yuan to understand the movem

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