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Earlier on, when Lin Yuan had entered the bookstore, he had felt that the renovations were rather classical and stylish. While thinking of his own store, Lin Yuan headed to the Star Web’s furniture and decoration store.

After visiting a few furniture and decoration stores, Lin Yuan made a firm decision not to buy any furniture. This furniture and decoration store sold items that were at least ten times more expensive than the other stores.

He took a look at a white wooden chair that had a price of 5,500 Federation dollars.


Lin Yuan decided not to buy anything. He felt that his little store just had to sell things, while furniture and decorations weren’t necessary.

However, Lin Yuan still planned to purchase an AI robot for automatic selling. The selling price for Elite Usneas and similar feys were all fixed, and Lin Yuan wasn’t planning to give any chance for negotiations. It was better to set a fixed selling price.

As for other superior feys, when Lin Yuan wasn’t in the store, those interested parties could just leave a message with the AI robot. When Lin Yuan came online, they could then converse.

AI robots might not be great, but the store was only starting, and Lin Yuan could easily handle the business. Furthermore, hiring a reliable storekeeper wasn’t an easy task, and it was dependent on fate.

Lin Yuan returned to his store, and just as he was preparing to purchase an AI robot, he realized there was a customer in the store.

There was a young girl wearing denim clothes but wearing a bumblebee hat. She was bending over and carefully observing the two Web-Spraying Spiders in the store.


She would look at one of them and switch over to the other from time to time. She was pursing her lips as though she wasn’t satisfied.

Since there was business, Lin Yuan quickly went over and asked, “I wonder if you fancy any of the two Web-Spraying Spiders?”

It was unknown when this girl had arrived, but it seemed like she had been waiting for some time.

After hearing Lin Yuan’s question, she said to Lin Yuan, “Are you the store owner? Your store actually doesn’t even have an AI robot! I could only wait here foolishly, not knowing when you would return!”

Lin Yuan let out an apologetic smile and said, “My small store just opened today. I didn’t have time to prepare an AI robot.”

The girl looked as though she understood and said, “No wonder. I have been looking for a store that is selling Bronze spider feys recently, but I only found your store today. For a silly store name like Purchase With No Loss, if I saw it previously, it would be impossible for me not to enter.”


Lin Yuan’s smile immediately froze and couldn’t help twitching.

While looking at this bumblebee-hat-wearing girl, who was around his younger sister’s age, why did he feel that this unruly child was asking for a beating?


She must have done too little homework…

The girl felt that she had said somethi

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