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Chapter 41: A Surprising Customer

Lin Yuan entered his Star Web store and realized that there were actually two individuals in an intense quarrel beside the AI robot.

Lin Yuan was a little baffled as all of the items in the store had already been sold. What exactly was the duo’s objective? Why were they quarreling?

At that moment, Lin Yuan heard a rather strange and unique voice. “A woman is fundamentally weak. Those who become mothers would become strong-willed. This Big Sister is very noble, are you even fit to speak with this Big Sister like this?”

The woman placed a hand on her waist, and it seemed like that she was extremely enraged.

In the next instant, Lin Yuan heard an abnormally calm voice. “I have prayed to Buddha, and Buddha said that you shouldn’t think of snatching from me no matter what—”

Before the calm voice could finish talking, the enraged woman immediately followed up. “Why didn’t the Buddha ask you to toss your bone ashes? Previously, you and I entered together, but you said that you are in a hurry, so I allowed you to order first. But you actually ordered all of the Elite Usneas! Shameless!”

“Buddha said—”

“Don’t tell me what the Buddha is saying! Do you think you are karma!? Since I helped you, you should return the favor! You aren’t going to return the favor, and I have to help you again!? I have helped you previously, but you actually reprimanded me! Let’s see if I will stab you!”

“Buddha said I didn’t reprimand you, when did I—”

“Stop all this nonsense! If you are unhappy, add me as a Star Web friend, and we will arrange for a meeting in real life. See if I will really stab you!”

“Buddha said…”

Lin Yuan gasped in amazement. This violent-tempered woman was actually able to quarrel with a person that was more inclined to Buddhism than Buddha himself.

At the same time, the violent-tempered woman was going to be enraged to death.

Before the violent-tempered woman was about to make a move, Lin Yuan quickly stopped them.

“Why are the two of you quarreling in my store!? I have nothing on sale in my store now. Come back again once there are goods to sell.”

After speaking, Lin Yuan minded his own business and displayed the five Elite X/Epic Web-Spraying Spiders in the Star Web store.

Lin Yuan then heard two gasps.

These were five Elite X/Epic Web-Spraying Spiders, so it was no wonder the duo was astonished.

Elite X/Epic feys represented a kind of foundation. For five to appear together, it meant that a Creation Master backed this little store.

There were plenty of stores in the Star Web, but ones that were supported and backed by Creation Masters were rare. Only large stores were qualified to be supported by Creation Masters.

However, no one expected an unknown Class 1 store to be backed by a Creation Master.

When Lin Yuan heard the duo mentioning his Web-Spraying Spiders, he informed them, “These are custom-ordered feys. They are not for sa

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