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If it was really a large-scale fey breeding base, then it would certainly require a significant amount of spiritual ingredients.

If I can secure this customer, I will have an additional steady flow of orders.

While thinking like that, Zhou Jiaxin spoke to Lin Yuan eagerly. “As long as you tell me in advance, I will be able to prepare the goods in half an hour. Ostrich Logistics will deliver it to your place within a few hours. That’s right! If you have any good feys, you can sell them to me too. Or you can also purchase some severely injured feys from me. Those feys are still alive, and I can guarantee the freshness of the spiritual ingredients.”

When Lin Yuan heard the words ‘severely injured’, his eyes lit up.Doesn’t this mean that I have a chance to pick up great hidden goods again?


Lin Yuan didn’t plan to sell feys to Zhou Jiaxin, as he was going to use the superior feys to increase his store’s reputation.

When Zhou Jiaxin saw Lin Yuan’s shining eyes, she couldn’t help smiling. “Today is the 6th of September. On the 27th of September, there will be a batch of severely injured feys arriving in the store. By then, you can come over to take a look. Those feys have all been vetted by a Class 2 Creation Master, and the Class 2 Creation Master couldn’t save them. It is basically impossible for them to recover.”


Zhou Jiaxin spoke very clearly and was trying to dismiss Lin Yuan’s thought of finding some great feys that were missed out. Lin Yuan understood Zhou Jiaxin’s intention too.

A Class 2 Creation Master might not be able to heal the injured feys, but it doesn’t mean that I cannot heal them.


For Zhou Jiaxin’s store, even if the fey was severely injured, it shouldn’t be any higher than gold-grade and would at least be a Silver fey.

To heal such feys, a Class 3 Creation Master would need to be hired, and the price was already higher than Silver feys.

Therefore, when Class 2 Creation Masters couldn’t heal such feys, they were basically sentenced to death.


The Class 2 Creation Master would use simple methods to maintain the feys’ lives to guarantee the freshness of the spiritual ingredients.

Instead of saying that Zhou Jiaxin was selling severely injured feys, it would be better to say she was selling extremely fresh spiritual ingredients.

Lin Yuan was currently a D-rank spirit qi professional, and he wasn’t confident in healing a severely injured Silver fey immediately. However, he was certain that the channeling of spirit qi would constantly make the Silver fey better. After a period of time, it would be possible to heal it.

“Then, I shall revisit the store on the 27th. Big Sister Xin, I have been here for quite some time now. Why don’t I see any customers coming into the store?”

Lin Yuan’s question didn’t have any meaning to hint that Zhou Jiaxin’s store had a lack of customers. It was a genuine question.

For a Class 3 store that had great credibility, i

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