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Chapter 50: Streamcloud Azure Bird

Deepened Pain was also an exclusive skill of the same category. It was considered an elite combat-class exclusive skill that had horrific lethality in combat. But for Genius, it was obviously useless.

Genius’ physical body might obtain offensive capabilities as it continued to evolve, but it was unrealistic if Genius had to injure feys of the same grade.

Genius was all in all a housekeeping or domestic fey.

As for the Tool Transformation skill, Lin Yuan also had a headache. It was a skill that people would either love or hate.

Only gamblers would prefer to use Tool Transformation as entertainment. According to different fey species, the Tool Transformation would be slightly different.

However, it still couldn’t lower the unpredictability of Tool Transformation.

A huge and burly man had once picked the Tool Transformation skill for his fey, and the fey transformed into… a colorful and beautiful little hand-held fan. The scene had been so ‘beautiful’ that people couldn’t bear watching.

A delicate and petite little girl’s fey had also awakened Tool Transformation, and it transformed into… a large steel hammer. It had angered the little girl so much that she could only wipe her tears and couldn’t even cry out loud.

If Tool Transformation gave out a weapon, it was rather good. But if it was a defense item, it was horrendous.

Spirit qi clothes might be expensive now, but it was still possible to purchase them. If a fey transformed into a defense item, it was the same as losing a reliable helper in combat. But if they didn’t use the exclusive skill, it was the same as the fey having one less exclusive skill.

Furthermore, there were successful cases of Tool Transformation, and such cases were rather common.

Since it was a matter with regards to one’s fey, and there was only one chance, who would dare to take the risk?

For people whose feys evolved with Flawless quality, they didn’t have a chance. Now that Lin Yuan had three choices, he wasn’t really willing to take the risk.

However, the two other exclusive skills were truly useless for Genius, and it wasn’t going to help to have them.

Finally, Lin Yuan steeled his heart and decided to take the risk. If he made this bet, there was a possibility that a motorcycle might turn into a sports car, and if he failed, the motorcycle would turn into a bicycle at worst.

As compared to the two other exclusive skills, the difference wasn’t that much.

Once Lin Yuan chose Tool Transformation, Genius let out a meow, and its body glowed and started to transform. Subsequently, it transformed into a classic white-framed pair of glasses. The glasses had amber-like decorations and looked just like Genius.

When having a fey with Tool Transformation, there would certainly be an additional effect for the contractor. After wearing the glasses, Lin Yuan felt that his mind had obtained knowledge that he couldn’t understand

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