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Chapter 44: Spirit Guards

As the news was playing, the large screen in the mall also displayed a video with diagrams that corresponded with the broadcast.

“The Radiance Federation’s Creation Master Association will be conducting a change for the Creation Master exam.”

“Anyone who can complete the Class 1 Creation Master exam within two hours will be exempted from the exams for three lifestyle-class occupations. They will be able to immediately enter the Class 2 Creation Master exam.”

“The current measures have yet to be fully generalized, and it will only be conducted under the supervision of Lordress Ling Xiao in Redbud City. The rest of the regions will be implemented with the measures concurrently.”

Although this was totally outside of Lin Yuan’s expectation, it was certainly great news for him.

Previously, I was only planning to become a Class 1 Creation Master. If I am able to complete the exam to become a Class 1 Creation Master within two hours, can I directly promote and become a class 2 Creation Master?

For the three lifestyle-class occupations, be it the Scholar, Fey Observer, or Spiritual Ingredient Analyst, the knowledge content for Class 2 was entirely different from Class 1 content.

Even with Genius’ help, Lin Yuan would need to spend a huge effort and a lot of time to prepare.

Presently, there was an opportunity to be exempted from taking the promotion exams for those three lifestyle-class occupations and taking a shortcut to becoming a Class 2 Creation Master. No matter what, Lin Yuan was going to strive for it.

Before Lin Yuan could think more into it, another news report, which Lin Yuan wouldn’t normally care about, made him frown.

“Recently investigations from the Federation states that the dimensional rifts will be entering the active period in half a year.”

“During the active period, the dimensional rift will erupt with alien beast waves. Therefore, the Radiance Federation will be entering a war preparation state from now on. We advise the Federation’s citizens to also make preparations in advance and do not panic.”

“The Federation will be mobilizing Spirit Guards during the active period to assist defending against the alien beast waves.”

Ever since Lin Yuan had arrived in this world, his sentience had been intact and clear. Even when he had an infant, his thoughts weren’t like an infant’s. Thus, he remembered everything that had happened from his infancy and onward.

‘Active period of dimensional rift’ were words that stung Lin Yuan deep inside. As for the reason they stung… Lin Yuan had lost his parents of this life in such an incident, and he had to struggle to survive with his younger sister.

Lin Yuan clenched his hands tightly when he saw the crest that suddenly appeared on the mall’s large screen. He had seen these crests before, and two of them were sitting inside his little store.

These were the rare few remnants his parents had left behind. It was

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