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Same-species feys, even if they were Elite/Epic ones, their price would be more than two times higher than a Bronze fey.

To Lin Yuan, evolving an Elite fey’s quality to Epic would require much more time than evolving an Elite/Flawless fey to Bronze/Normal.

No regular Creation Master could achieve pushing an Elite fey’s quality to Epic. At least, it was impossible for Rank 1 Creation Masters.

Lin Yuan looked at the girl with the braised-egged head with an annoyed expression and shook his hand. “Hurry up and leave! Go to the other shops and take a look. You might find a Web-Spraying Spider that you want.”

Lin Yuan had already turned around and was preparing to purchase an AI robot, but he was held back by the girl.

The girl blinked her big eyes, and when her bumblebee hat was swaying around, it did look like a little bumblebee. “Uncle, why don’t we add each other as Star Web friends?”

Lin Yuan looked at the girl with the braised-egged head and said, “There isn’t a need. If you wish to buy something from the store, you can just come back.”

“Uncle, you aren’t angry, right? Take a look at your store. It doesn’t have a single piece of furniture and decoration. I have already been deceived so much that I am afraid. It is fine to occasionally be wary, right!?”

Upon looking at the girl’s crafty eyes, Lin Yuan cursed in his heart,You would get deceived? It will be good enough if you don’t go and deceive others!

However, this time, Lin Yuan directly handed his Star Web name card to the girl. The girl also directly handed her Star Web name card to Lin Yuan in return.

When Lin Yuan was looking at the girl’s name card, he heard a burst of laughter from the side. “Hahaha, Deep Mountain Elder Lin! What a silly name!”

Lin Yuan read the name on the girl’s Star Web name card—it was Stream in the Cloud.

“Isn’t the SharkEagle1a fish that lives inside the stream in the cloud?”

“What? You actually say I am a fool!?”

“No! I said Stream in the Cloud.”

“No, I just heard you saying that I am a fool.”

In the end, Lin Yuan signed a contract with the girl, who had the Star Web name Stream in the Cloud.

Stream in the Cloud would pay 2 Radiance dollars for each Elite/Epic Web-Spraying Spider. She then immediately put down an order for five of them.


While signing the contract, Lin Yuan watched the girl swipe the Star Web Card without hesitation, causing him to lament in his heart.Wealth truly gives a person confidence.

When signing a contract on the Star Web to order feys, there wasn’t any deposit, as it had to be paid in full.

Therefore, Stream in the Cloud didn’t hesitate and immediately paid the cost of 10 Radiance dollars.

Of course, if Lin Yuan wasn’t able to prepare the feys stated on the contract, then he would need to pay the penalty fee. At the same time, the credibility of Purchase With No Loss Fey Store would drop greatly.

A store with low credibility would naturally have

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