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Chimey was now absurdly exquisite. Its appearance should be in the top ranks even among the Elite avian feys.

Chimey looked at its blue feathers and stared blankly for a long time before it jumped onto Lin Yuan’s ear and started singing happily.

Chimey’s singing voice had also changed. Chimey’s singing voice was at the concert hall’s standard in the past. But now, its singing voice was just like the song of the legendary ThornBirds1.

Every change of tune was like a praise toward life, the clear humming of a siren, an ode of the sun and moon in the universe.

This was an ability to make use of the singing voice to the extremity.

This was perhaps Chimey’s unique talent as a Sound Bird, as it was the only Elite Sound Bird in history.

As compared to the singing, Lin Yuan paid more attention to Chimey’s type.

Chimey wasn’t just purely sound-type after reaching elite-grade, as it had a dual-type of sound and qi now.

Lin Yuan had been rather worried that Chimey might continue down the sound-type path, and it would only make the path narrower.

Now that it had evolved into the sound and qi types, it would definitely expand the spaciousness of Chimey’s future path.

Lin Yuan walked to the entrance and took out the wooden board that was previously used to test Chimey’s attack power. He said, “Chimey, use the ability, Turbulence.”

When Chimey received Lin Yuan’s command, it immediately flapped its wings, and a small surge of energy shot out of its small body. It produced a turbulent flow of air that expanded out of Chimey’s body.

Immediately after, Chimey controlled Turbulence and smashed it at the one-centimeter-thick wooden board.

The wooden board let out a ‘buzzing’ sound as though something sharp was scraping it. The turbulent flow of air was constantly shrinking the size of the wooden board.

When it was finally shrunk by a third of the size, the wooden board’s edges were already turned into wooden shavings because of Turbulence.

Chimey’s elite-grade attack power was far beyond its normal-grade attack power.

Lin Yuan looked at Chimey with approval and took out a metal board that was used for the racks. He walked into the courtyard and placed the metal board on the ground.

“Chimey, use Turbulence again and attack this metal board.”

It was the same as before, but the metal board was only letting out ‘clunking’ sounds after getting hit by Turbulence. There wasn’t any damage.

At that moment, Chimey let out a clear chirp, and a small hole was pierced open in the metal board.

Turbulence then found its target and rushed toward that small hole frenziedly.

The metal board was quickly ripped apart by Turbulence. By the time Turbulence ended, Lin Yuan looked at the destroyed metal board and gave Chimey a thumbs up.

The combination of Sound Thrust and Turbulence was surprisingly good.

Sound Thrust was just like a hidden weapon that could sneak an attack, while Turbulence was

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