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Chimey would be singing at home whenever it didn’t have anything to do. Lin Yuan was already used to Chimey’s singing, its routine activity at home.

Therefore, Lin Yuan wasn’t paying attention to Chimey when it was singing seriously.

After Genius reached elite-grade, most of its capabilities were already comparable with humans. In fact, its memory was several times better than humans. Soon, Chimey successfully became a beautiful host with an amazing voice with Genius’ help.

At that moment, a cute GIF of a loli was blocking half the screen, and Chimey was singing behind the GIF.

When a host just started their channel, it was normal not to have many viewers—one or two occasional people would pass by and quickly exit the channel.

However, Chimey’s singing was just like that phoenix’s clear chirping on the Kun Mountain and the rustling leaves of the purple bamboo forest. It sounded interesting and appealing, even mellower than the morning dew that dripped down from the pandan leaves.

Therefore, Chimey’s live streaming room became a ‘Cave of the SilkenWeb1‘ where one couldn’t escape after entering.


Those who entered had no thoughts of leaving.

“Wow! How can there be such a nice voice in this world!? It is a fairy singing!”


“Little Sister, why are you using a GIF to block your face? Shouldn’t a beautiful host be showing their face?”

“Could this song be Little Sister’s original song? I have searched for the lyrics on the Star Web but couldn’t find any match!”

Each of the viewers that entered the room couldn’t help but start to praise Chimey like a violent storm. There was even a generous viewer that instantly rewarded Chimey with 500 Federation dollars!


These people had been blasting messages for a long time but realized that the host didn’t reply to them. They actually felt that the host had a unique personality, so they turned into dogs that continued to lick and shower the host with praises.


The current circumstances were mainly due to Chimey’s great singing that was simply too amazing.

Chimey might be calm on the surface, but its heart was already racing. Chimey wanted to send a message for the viewers to praise it more, but it didn’t know how to reply, and Genius was diligently studying the books Lin Yuan had arranged.

Chimey had no choice but to pretend that it didn’t see the messages and continued singing. After Chimey was tired from singing, it casually switched off the live stream.

However, Chimey didn’t know that when it had been singing earlier, one of the viewers had actually recorded the live stream and posted it on the Star Web.


The name ‘Sparrow Voice Loli Goddess’ spread like wildfire. It was like a spark in the plains during autumn that turned into a raging prairie fire.

A short moment later, a knocking sound echoed in Lin Yuan’s store.

When Lin Yuan opened the door, he saw a 1,7-meter tall girl. She was wearing the Ostrich L

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