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Chapter 51: Duels When Climbing the Tower

The most popular place in the Star Web would always be the Star Tower. At the Star Tower’s vicinity, one would be able to feel how prosperous the Star Web was as the Radiance Federation’s second world.

After reaching the Star Tower’s entrance, Lin Yuan was amazed by the things he saw and heard along the way. He saw all sorts of feys. They were all copied and uploaded data in the Star Web, but the high-grade feys retained their genuine prowess, giving off a pressure that blasted one right in the face.

In order to climb the Star Tower, one would need to register first. Of course, it wasn’t necessary to register every time before climbing the tower. Everyone would only have to register their information for the first time they climbed the tower.

The most important objective for registering their information was to enter the spirit qi professionals’ rank and the contracted feys’ strength.

Subsequently, the information would produce the data, and when challenging the tower, the data would produce a virtual image.

In the real world, it was very difficult for spirit qi professionals to fight without any restraint. An all-out fight might result in one of the parties getting injured, or it might actually result in both parties being injured.

When high-ranked spirit qi professionals were fighting at their full strength, they might not be able to control the damage their feys caused and might even result in casualties.

The Star Web just so happened to compensate for this factor.

A fight in the Star Web was the same as recording all the spirit qi professionals’ information and the feys. During combat, the sense of pain, touch, and everything else would be the same as in the real world.

Even if there were any casualties in the Star Web during combat, the spirit qi professionals and their feys in the real world wouldn’t receive physical damage.

The significance of climbing the Star Tower brought glory to the people at the high rankings and enabled spirit qi professional and their feys to work on their teamwork. It also gave them the chance to try combat techniques.

For the first 100 floors of the Star Tower, challengers would be randomly picked on the same floor for combat. The winner would rise up by one floor, while the loser would drop down by one floor.

After reaching the 100th floor, one would need to go through the Celestial Stairway Tribulation, which was also known as the promotion duels.

During the promotion duel, three challengers that were participating in the promotion would be randomly picked to conduct three duels.

After two consecutive duels, the third duel could be skipped, and the challenger would promote to the Celestial Stairway.

If the challenger lost one duel, the promotion to the Celestial Stairway would fail. If the challenger lost two duels, the challenger wouldn’t even be able to stay on the 100th floor and would drop down to th

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