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The dawn might only be a faint ray of light at daybreak and the outline behind the mountain. However, in the eyes of the two Web-Spraying Spiders, this faint light of dawn was the redemption of life.

The hands that were placed on their backs were constantly channeling spirit qi and pulling them back from the doors of hell.

However, the Web-Spraying Spiders didn’t know that the dawn in their eyes would soon sell them on the Star Web store.

In fact, when Creation Masters evolved feys and sold them, it was to search for a new contractor for the feys.

Spirit qi professionals and feys would always mutually benefit from each other.

Spirit qi professionals would think of all methods to nurture their feys. When the feys were stronger, they would be able to enhance the spirit qi professionals’ combat capabilities.

Lin Yuan had already used the Star Web Card to log into the Star Web. Lin Yuan always liked to visit those fey websites to acquire more knowledge on how to nurture feys.

For websites like fey ones, they were still maintained in the same appearance before the Spirit Qi Awakening. The Star Web was different as it was the same as a second world for humans.

By using the Star Web Card to enter the Star Web, it was just like entering a brand new world of network.

Lin Yuan seldom visited the Star Web, so his Star Web account didn’t have anything else apart from his name, age, and basic information of his identity.

Lin Yuan didn’t immediately fill up all the personal information, like his spirit qi rank, contracted feys, or interests and hobbies. Instead, he entered the Star Web store that he had applied for and just gotten approved.

In order to apply for the store, the application fee had cost Lin Yuan 100,000 Federation dollars, and he felt the pinch.

The store didn’t have a name yet, so Lin Yuan conveniently changed the store’s name to Purchase With No Loss Fey Store.

After changing the name, Lin Yuan immediately confirmed it with convenient procedures. Lin Yuan couldn’t help but nod with satisfaction.

Lin Yuan still remembered an advertisement in his previous life. “Purchase with no loss, purchase with no fraud, to see the items that are truly worth the price, enter the house to take a look.”

Now that my store is called Purchase With No Loss Fey Store, the name immediately demonstrates this store’s conscience and sincerity. Awesome!

Genius was seated on Lin Yuan’s thighs and looking at Lin Yuan while tilting its head.

Genius didn’t know why the radiant smile on Lin Yuan’s face made him look like a silly kid.

A newly approved Star Web store was still a Class 1 Star Web store. It might be a Class 1 one, but the size of the store wasn’t small.

Lin Yuan might feel the pinch after spending 100,000 Federation dollars, but he was feeling a little better now.

Lin Yuan’s actual fey store was only around 80 square meters, including both the first and second floors. But this stor

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