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When Lin Yuan approached the pond, he felt that the spirit qi was much more concentrated.


The middle-aged lady pointed at the Spirit-Siphon Goldfish inside the pond and said, “The smaller ones in the pond are all normal-grade. That reddish goldfish, which is twice as big as the other Spirit-Siphon Goldfish, is elite-grade.”

Lin Yuan asked curiously, “Boss, what are the prices for Normal and Elite Spirit-Siphon Goldfish, respectively?”

The middle-aged lady chuckled and said, “You don’t have to keep calling me Boss. I should only be slightly older than you. Just call me Big Sister Xin.

“Normal Spirit-Siphon Goldfish, regardless of subspecies, cost 0.5 Radiance dollar each. The Elite Spirit-Siphon Goldfish costs 5 Radiance dollars.”


Lin Yuan already knew that the Elite Spirit-Siphon Goldfish would be expensive, but after hearing it cost 5 Radiance dollars, he couldn’t help but be surprised.

Zhou Jiaxin noticed Lin Yuan’s surprised expression and explained, “I have already quoted a very reasonable price for the Elite Spirit-Siphon Goldfish, and that is due to its poor subspecies. If it was a superior subspecies, the price would be at least 7 Radiance dollars. The other places sell Normal Spirit-Siphon Goldfish of different subspecies with different prices too. But at my place, I sell them for the same price. Most of the time, people would pick them based on their looks. Not many Creation Masters are willing to take the task of evolving these feys.”

Lin Yuan nodded in response.

The Spirit-Siphon Goldfish was actually the commonly-called goldfish before the Spirit Qi Awakening. The Telescope, Ranchu, Lionchu, Ryukin, Butterfly Telescope, and so on were all subspecies of the goldfish, and they were all called Spirit-Siphon Goldfish.

The different subspecies of Spirit-Siphon Goldfish didn’t have a great difference at normal-grade and elite-grade, but their evolution direction would be different after reaching bronze-grade.

For this time, Lin Yuan wanted to purchase a Telescope Spirit-Siphon Goldfish. It was said that if the Telescope subspecies evolved toward the ancestry line, it might activate the thin dragon-species bloodline.

That would be the same as jumping through the dragon gate. However, the possibility of it happening was minute.


Previously, a high-ranked Creation Master had nurtured a Telescope Spirit-Siphon Goldfish to bronze-grade, and it had evolved toward the ancestry line, awakening the dragon-species bloodline.

The Spirit-Siphon Goldfish that had awakened the dragon-species bloodline had immediately been placed in the Star Web’s Rare Lifeform Pavilion for an auction and sold for an astronomical price.

Lin Yuan wanted to attempt and see if he could activate the dragon-species bloodline within the Telescope Spirit-Siphon Goldfish at bronze-grade. In fact, even if he couldn’t activate the bloodline, it wouldn’t be bad either. The Spirit-Siphon Goldfish’s basic a

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