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Chapter 46: A Pack of Wolves Hunting

Su Jin explained further upon seeing that Lin Yuan understood.

“The Source Seed’s evolution is different from regular feys. It is equivalent to a seed that you can mold as you wish. By feeding it, nurturing it, and guiding it, you can be certain of the Source Seed’s ability and evolution direction. I advise you to nurture the Source Seed into a healing-type fey as it will be useful for your condition.”

Lin Yuan had a good grasp of the Source Seed’s function now.

Simply put, this Source Seed was like an empty canvas. The Source Seed’s owner could create willfully on the canvas and decide the Source Seed’s evolution form, type, and ability.

Lin Yuan wasn’t planning to nurture the Source Seed into a healing-type fey. On the contrary, he was planning to nurture it into a pure combat-class plant-type fey. That way, he would be able to protect himself at any time and place.

In terms of combat, Lin Yuan had this insistence that he had to possess combat capabilities no matter what. Otherwise, if he became a pure Healer, he wouldn’t be confident in protecting his life.

Su Jin and Dong Hai gave Lin Yuan their contact information and told Lin Yuan to call them if there was any problem.

Lin Yuan nodded in agreement out of courtesy. Based on Lin Yuan’s personality, he would never seek help from others unless it was absolutely necessary.

However, their kind intentions were something that Lin Yuan would remember in his heart.

Auntie Su then took out another box and handed it to Lin Yuan. “This is my personal gift.”

Lin Yuan opened it and saw that it was filled with Radiance dollars. It was unknown how many there were in the stack, but it was at least 100.

Before Lin Yuan could say anything, Uncle Dong spoke unhappily. “Hey! Su Jin, didn’t we say we will give it together? Why did you give it first without telling me?”

He walked in front of Lin Yuan and took out a box smilingly. “Little Yuan, I also have a gift for you. Be it nurturing the Source Seed or supporting your younger sister at school, money is needed. Don’t you save on it. Your Auntie Su and I will be giving you Radiance dollars every now and then.”

He then stuffed the box into Lin Yuan’s hand.

Lin Yuan received it at first before he seriously latched the two boxes and returned them to Su Jin and Dong Hai.

“Auntie Su, Uncle Dong, I cannot accept the money.”

Lin Yuan didn’t explain much and just stood still with a smile. His eyes were filled with determination and sincerity.

Dong Hai got anxious in response and tried to persuade him. “Little Yuan, keep them, be good.”

“I feel that I cannot accept them.”

“I don’t need you to feel, I just need me to feel it is okay!”

Lin Yuan suddenly didn’t know what to say.Why did this Uncle suddenly become so slippery[1]?

Oil Alert!

As Lin Yuan was speaking, Su Jin had been looking at his eyes.

Su Jin was a member of the Spirit Guards

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