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The world was very big. A century after the Spirit Qi Awakening, scholars predicted that the planet had expanded by at least 100 times. Everyone wanted to understand more about this world when they were still alive, and it was the same for Lin Yuan.


That’s why every step taken must be firm and steady.

After Auntie Zhang and Uncle Li walked far away, Lin Yuan returned to the store and closed the door. He wasn’t planning to open for business today. Before this, Lin Yuan had always been a sickly person, and he hadn’t had sufficient spiritual energy or stamina to conduct a larger scale business for his store.

However, things were different now. Lin Yuan planned to clean up the courtyard at the back. He was going to clean up the tables in the courtyard and stack them up to use as a storage area for feys.

Before doing that, he carried the racks that he didn’t use before and placed them in the store, allowing for more feys to be displayed. After all, Lin Yuan now had the energy to tend to more feys.

Also, tending to feys and making them evolve was the only method for Lin Yuan to enhance his spiritual power.

After packing and cleaning the courtyard for an entire afternoon, Lin Yuan was so tired that he couldn’t even say a word. He sat on the chair for a long period before feeling alive again.

At that moment, the door that Lin Yuan had closed tightly on the second floor was gently opened. Soon, a meowing and a chirping sound echoed. The chirping sound was much more pleasant than before.

Evidently, Genius had realized that it had evolved and swiftly ran down from the second floor. It then jumped onto Lin Yuan’s legs and said, “Yuan, Chimey and I seem to have evolved!”

Genius was a fey of the Intelligent Cat species. The main reason it was called a housekeeping beast was that the Hundred Questions Beasts could converse well with humans. In addition, they were just like encyclopedias that could store a lot of information.

Lin Yuan reached out and rubbed Genius’ head. Upon doing that, he realized that Genius’ new grayish silver fur was much thicker than before. Furthermore, it had a sort of density, unlike before, when it had been sparse.

In other words, the Hundred Questions Beast’s fur had evolved to normal-grade, and its defense had been enhanced.

Chimey’s spirituality wasn’t as good as Genius’, so it still didn’t know what was happening. Chimey felt that it had slept for a long time, and it was a little embarrassed. It was standing beside Lin Yuan’s ear and gently pecking at his short hair.

Upon seeing that Lin Yuan was rubbing Genius, Chimey hopped onto Genius’ head and imitated Lin Yuan’s action as it used its small talon to stroke Genius’ fur.

Before this, Chimey wouldn’t act like that. Lin Yuan could see that Chimey’s evolution had significantly enhanced its intelligence.

“Genius, do you feel anything different after you evolved?” While Lin Yuan was speaking, he used True Data to che

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