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That night, Lin Yuan slept well with Genius and Chimey snuggling close to him. Even in their sleep, they continued to absorb the spirit qi that he was emitting.

Lin Yuan woke up to his morning routine and exercised for one hour before opening the store at 7 a.m. Soon enough, all the Elite Usneas were sold out.


The supply of nutritious food, such as Usneas, for herbivorous feys was always lower than the demand. In addition, Lin Yuan’s Usneas were in great condition, and their prices were affordable.


Lin Yuan had even successfully managed to sell a pot of Elite Jasmine Lily, earning a total of 5,500 Federation dollars, while selling the Usneas.

Lin Yuan earned an amount that was more than what he would make during an average month in just one morning!


Without including the Usneas, just that one pot of Jasmine Lily earned him more than what he had made last month. Thus, Lin Yuan was delighted.

When Lin Yuan was about to purchase more goods from the fey marketplace, his mobile phone rang. It was an unknown number.

The moment Lin Yuan answered the call, an anxious and furious voice resounded.

“Are you Chu Ci’s guardian!?”

Lin Yuan immediately replied after hearing the question, “I am. Did something happen to Chu Ci in school? And you are?”

That person was extremely impolite and started showering him with criticisms.

“Who am I? I am Chu Ci’s homeroom teacher, Teacher Bao! What kind of guardian are you? During the fey contract class, Chu Ci actually contracted a Gray Beetle and even suffered a backlash!


“As a guardian, don’t you know that you should provide a better fey for your kin!? What piece of trash is the Gray Beetle? Don’t you know that you are wasting Chu Ci’s exceptional talent!?”


Under normal circumstances, teachers would be very polite when communicating with parents. However, this Teacher Bao was outraged.

When Lin Yuan heard what Teacher Bao said, cold sweat instantly drenched his back and clothes.

How could Lin Yuan not be aware of Gray Beetles? They were Normal feys that could be bought for 200 Federation dollars. Due to Gray Beetle’s aggressive nature, it would be in an aggressive state during the contracting process, and the contractor would suffer a backlash.

At the same time, the Gray Beetle’s excavating ability was utterly useless as it was of no help to a combat occupation.

Gray Beetles preferred environments that were dark and moist, while their main diet was rotting flesh. Due to their habits and preferences, the Gray Beetle ranked number one as the fey that no one was willing to form a contract with.

Presently, Gray Beetles were mostly used as food for high-grade carnivorous feys.

Lin Yuan’s voice was unstable as he asked Teacher Bao, “Teacher Bao, is Chu Ci okay now?!” He was gripping the mobile phone so tightly that the veins in his hands were popping out.

The other end of the phone call transmitted a very dissat

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