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After carefully securing the 100 Usnea pots on his Crowned Fire Salamander, Yang Mingkai left immediately.

In this transaction, Lin Yuan obtained 3.3 Radiance dollars, which was equivalent to 3,300,000 Federation dollars.


The money that Lin Yuan had earned previously made him understand that his ability to evolve feys was a money-making method. The 3.3 Radiance dollars made Lin Yuan realize that money was no longer an obstacle for him.

What I need to do now isn’t to think of how to earn more money—it is how to turn this wealth into my strength.

It was fine to evolve low-grade feys, but a huge amount of resources would be required when evolving them to the higher grades.

Take the Spirit Lock spatial zone for example. If Lin Yuan wanted to modify it, he would need countless resources.

Lin Yuan found it necessary to become a hoarder mouse that would accumulate resources frenziedly. He would then be able to experience the joy of a hoarder mouse.


After another two days, when Lin Yuan had evolved 34 pots of Usneas into elite-grade, he suddenly felt the massive amount of gaseous spirit qi in his body being compressed. It was so intensively compressed that it turned into a streak of misty spirit qi.


My streak of mist-like spirit qi is extremely concentrated right now. It feels like it will turn into liquid if it is concentrated any further. If the misty spirit qi can turn into liquid spirit qi, then I will be reaching the entrance of a C-rank spirit qi professional.

Lin Yuan picked up another pot of Elite Usnea. Soon, he realized that after becoming a D-rank spirit qi professional, he didn’t even need ten minutes to evolve a Normal Usnea into an Elite one. It cut down the time by at least six times.

At that moment, Lin Yuan heard two gentle sounds from his body. He looked down and noticed the two sounds were actually coming from Genius and Chimey.

During the past few days that he had been evolving the Usneas, Genius and Chimey would always be leaning on him. The Normal Genius and Chimey had actually broken through the limits and became Elite!

Lin Yuan checked on Chimey and Genius’ data and was rather surprised after reading their elite-grade abilities.

[Fey Name]: Hundred Questions Beast

[Fey Species]: Cat species/Intelligent Cat species

[Fey Grade]: Elite (1/10)

[Fey Type]: Spiritual

[Fey Quality]: Elite


[Precise Memory]: When memorizing something, every single detail can be memorized with precision.

[Knowledge Analysis]: Can conduct a diverse initial analysis of the memory’s knowledge.

Knowledge Analysis allowed Genius’ memorized knowledge to go through a systematic integration. Genius could then integrate and analyze it with the existing knowledge. This was an ability that really surprised Lin Yuan.

Even a high-ranked Scholar wouldn’t be able to accurately memorize the information on 100 books, let alone conduct overall analysis of

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