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When Lin Yuan heard Teacher Bao’s voice on the phone, he was rather doubtful at first, but he immediately understood and felt very grateful.

Teacher Bao might not have a good temper, but he was a great teacher and contributed to his students.

When Teacher Bao learned that Chu Ci was talking with Lin Yuan, he immediately snatched her phone and yelled out, “Didn’t I tell you the situation yesterday? Why are you only here now? Are you not concerned about Chu Ci’s academics?!”


Teacher Bao suddenly recalled something, causing his words to get stuck in his throat. He had read her file and knew about her family situation. How could he blame a boy for doing his best to support his young sister to school? How could he blame the boy for not being capable enough to bring a good fey for his younger sister?


When Lin Yuan heard the irascible Teacher Bao’s voice, he quickly said, “Teacher Bao, thank you for your kindness toward Chu Ci. I have prepared a fey for Chu Ci. I am at the academy’s entrance now. But I am not a student and cannot enter the premises. Could you ask Chu Ci to meet me at the entrance?”

After Lin Yuan finished talking, Teacher Bao immediately responded, “Wait at the entrance for a moment. I will bring Chu Ci to pick you up. By then, you need to help me persuade Chu Ci.”

Before handing the mobile phone back to Chu Ci, Teacher Bao had already ended the phone call. He was truly a resolute and straightforward teacher.

However, Lin Yuan felt it was rather strange.

Why did Teacher Bao’s attitude toward me suddenly turn better?


Lin Yuan didn’t know that Teacher Bao’s change in attitude was due to his understanding of their family situation. If Lin Yuan knew of this, he would probably let out an awkward smile.

When other children had been enjoying their innocent childhood in the embrace of their parents, he had had no choice but to be independent and care for his younger sister.

They had suffered in the cold, they had been starved, they had been seriously ill, but they had still survived stubbornly until now. They had never taken advantage of others, nor had they ever accepted charity from others. They might be poor, but they had self-respect, self-love, and never stopped improving themselves.


Lin Yuan had never been self-abased about his situation, nor he ever felt that Chu Ci had to be self-abased either. They had always been righteous and honest. They had never done anything that they should be ashamed of, even though their path had been difficult.

Lin Yuan waited by the entrance. When the female students noticed that he wasn’t going to leave for the moment, they gathered their courage, approached Lin Yuan quietly, and asked for Lin Yuan’s Star Web account.

Lin Yuan felt rather exhausted when dealing with them. Fortunately, after rejecting a few of them, no one else asked for his Star Web account. Well, some of them kept looking at him constantly.

Lin Yuan h

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