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The Sharp Rock Bull was trembling as it endured, but even it couldn’t withstand such immense pain.

Lin Yuan felt a considerable pushing force against the hand that was touching the broken horn. Lin Yuan swayed a little, and the pair of horns on the Sharp Rock Bull fell off. Immediately after, a new pair of horns grew out on its head.

Lin Yuan placed his hand back on the little horns before channeling his spirit qi at full force.

When the sky was starting to turn dark, the Sharp Rock Bull’s horns recovered, and they only stopped growing when they reached over one foot in length.

It took nearly seven hours, but Lin Yuan finally healed the severely injured Sharp Rock Bull. Suppose the severely injured Sharp Rock Bull was worth 200,000 Federation dollars. In that case, the current healthy Elite/Epic Sharp Rock Bull could be easily sold on the Star Web for 1,5 Radiance dollars, or 1,500,000 Federation dollars.

This was also why Creation Masters were so respected.

Lin Yuan was still channeling spirit qi into the Sharp Rock Bull as he could feel an obstacle in the dark. As long as he continued channeling his spirit qi, he would be able to smash the obstacle. This Sharp Rock Bull would then undergo a qualitative change.

Lin Yuan was ecstatic as this should be the obstacle blocking Elite feys from becoming Bronze ones.

Lin Yuan increased his spirit qi’s release speed to smash the obstacle with full strength. Finally, half an hour later, the obstacle was pulverized to dust.

At that moment, Lin Yuan saw the Sharp Rock Bull, which was originally lying down, suddenly stand upright. Its body was emitting creaking and cracking sounds as its bones were shifting. In less than two minutes, the Sharp Rock Bull’s appearance changed drastically.


Had it not been for Lin Yuan witnessing it, he probably wouldn’t recognize the fey in front of him as the Sharp Rock Bull of just a few moments ago.

Lin Yuan activated True Data to check on the Sharp Rock Bull’s situation. No, it shouldn’t be called a Sharp Rock Bull anymore. It should be called Sharp Iron Horn Bull.


The Sharp Rock Bull, which was originally two meters in length, had already transformed into a Sharp Iron Horn Bull that was nearly three meters in length. The Sharp Iron Horn Bull’s greatest change wasn’t in its size, but the horns on its head.


The Sharp Rock Bull actually had a small horn on its nose, but it was only 2,5cm in size. Therefore, it had been useless.

However, the Sharp Iron Horn Bull’s nose horn was now one meter long. It no longer had its smooth curves, and it was razor-sharp with multiple angles. Each of the angles was sharp like a blade.

The two horns on the head, which were originally around 30cm in length, were now one meter long too.

The horns weren’t straight and were more like a bull’s horns, curved and meant for charging. They were heavy and filled with power, as though they were made to penetrate the en

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