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Soon, the stall owner from before carried a cart of Usneas into Lin Yuan’s store.

Lin Yuan’s store was nearly filled with the 150 pots of Usneas. As such, Lin Yuan immediately evolved one pot of Usnea into normal-grade and subsequently into elite-grade.

He put it high on the rack and said to Chimey, “Chimey, in the future, that pot of Elite Usnea will be your food. When you reach the grade of Elite, I will prepare a Bronze Usnea for you.”

Chimey flew happily to its Usnea and started singing a song.


A delicacy like the Elite Usnea was something that Chimey had a chance to eat during the past two days. Of course, Chimey was the most delighted because this pot of Elite Usnea was something that Lin Yuan had specially prepared for it.

Lin Yuan took another bowl and placed some energy biscuits inside. These energy biscuits were meant for omnivorous feys, and they contained low-grade spiritual ingredients that were rich with nutrients. In other words, they weren’t cheap.

Naturally, Lin Yuan couldn’t afford them in the past, but things were different now. As such, Lin Yuan changed Genius’ diet too.

Genius lowered its head and smelled the energy biscuits in the bowl. Its eyes lit up, and it started to chew on the energy biscuits with its small teeth in a very carefree manner.

After preparing the food for Genius and Chimey, Lin Yuan went upstairs to shower. Subsequently, he was preparing to use Spirit Lock on the Jasmine Lily. Afterward, he would also be considered a combat-class spirit qi professional and a rare Healer.

Healers were very respected among the combat-class spirit qi occupations, and it wasn’t because they were rare.

Healers might be considered a combat-class occupation, but they were mainly important for their healing abilities and didn’t have outstanding combat capabilities.

As a combat-class professional, Healers would also need to form teams with other combat-class professionals. They would need to fight in Star Web Tournaments or receive guild missions. All those places required them to be in danger.


Healers weren’t able to protect themselves, so they had to rely on their teammates. The teammates would ensure the safety of healing-type spirit qi professionals, while the latter would nurture the entire team back to health. This was the main reason why Healers were respected.

Of course, Lin Yuan didn’t need to worry. His compatibility direction wasn’t just to the healing-type but also toward the support-type.


The definition of a support-type was rather vague. When support-type spirit qi professionals contracted some specific support-type feys, they would provide control-type abilities or weaken-type abilities.


These abilities’ damage value was already negligible, but everything had its advantages and disadvantages. Support-type spirit qi professionals that specialized in amplifications were more popular among the combat-class spirit qi professionals.

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