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After not sleeping for an entire night, Lin Yuan felt he had returned to the time when he couldn’t sense the spirit qi and when his spiritual energy was still in a frail state.

Lin Yuan shook his head, feeling that this frail state was very familiar, but he didn’t have the time to rest now.

Lin Yuan ran upstairs and opened a wooden box that was rather old. It contained plenty of plain and simple youth clothes. The denim clothes on the top of the clothing pile had a blue color that had already faded.

Lin Yuan took out all the clothes, and a card appeared at the bottom of the box. It was a Star Web Card.

The Radiance Federation would only issue one Star Web Card for each citizen. It was a genuine smart card, and it included the function of a bank card.

This little card contained all of Lin Yuan’s wealth, and when adding yesterday’s profit, he had close to 20,000 Federation dollars.

Genius was crouching obediently at the side of the bed and meowed to Lin Yuan before saying, “Yuan, it will probably rain later. Let me accompany you!”

Lin Yuan rubbed Genius’ head and pointed at the bed where Chimey was still snoring away. “Genius, you and Chimey have accompanied me for an entire night. You should also have a rest. A Genius that rests obediently is a good Genius.”

Genius immediately let out a purr, lay beside Chimey, and said to Lin Yuan, “Genius is a good Genius.”

Lin Yuan took the umbrella and locked the store properly before heading toward the fey marketplace.

The weather was already stiflingly hot, so the sparkling drizzle’s addition made the atmosphere abnormally humid. Redbud City’s residents were already familiar with such weather.

The fey marketplace wasn’t close to Lin Yuan’s home and was around a seven-kilometer journey away.

During normal times, Lin Yuan would walk there to purchase new goods. Given Lin Yuan’s previous body condition, he would need to walk at least for two hours to travel seven kilometers. However, Lin Yuan didn’t have that much time.

He had already promised the teacher that he would deliver a fey to the school for Chu Ci to form a contract. Furthermore, Lin Yuan was worried about Chu Ci’s safety. If he didn’t have to prepare the fey, he would have already visited Chu Ci.

After walking to a transportation station that wasn’t far away, Lin Yuan used the Star Web Card to register and arranged for a Thick-Hoofed Donkey Car.

The Thick-Hoofed Donkey was a Normal fey. Due to its fast walking speed, it was available as the cheapest form of public transportation that was commonly used and found in every corner of the Radiance Federation. A century after the Spirit Qi Awakening, various feys had already evolved to replace the majority of the steel machines.

However, it didn’t stop the Radiance Federation from advancing their technology. On the contrary, after the Spirit Qi Awakening, humanity’s technology had advanced greatly, and the Star Web was the best proof.


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