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“Three portions of Hyssop Sprouts, one portion of Deep Sea Ebony, and one portion of Platinum Beast’s essence blood.”


A woman dressed in moonlight-colored long robes swayed a crystal bottle in her hand while giving instructions with her pleasant voice.

An emerald-colored bird with four feathers, which were like vines and leaves, was flying around. It was using its beak to accurately take the portions and put them in the crystal bottle.

Not far away from the woman in the moonlight robes were a man and a woman. The man had a dignified look, while the woman looked heroic.

The two of them were using their spirit qi to conceal their presence as they were afraid they might disturb the woman that was adjusting the medicine concoction.

Their bodies’ spirit qi was emitting a vague, mysterious, and runic aura. It indicated that the two of them were king-class experts that had comprehended the Willpower Runes from a certain mountain, river, ocean, or sky.


However, the two king-class experts were looking at this woman with extreme respect.

The woman in the moonlight robes was using her spirit qi to vibrate the concoction. The medicinal smell was flowing out of the bottle, and the refreshing plant fragrance was like the smell of grass being split open after a rain. It truly gladdened the heart.

When the concoction was mixed with the three portions of Hyssop Sprouts that the Vine Bird brought, it emitted a fragrance as though a giant tree instantly grew out from the place where the grass had been sliced open.


The giant tree started to get surrounded by greenery, forming a primitive forest.

As the woman in the moonlight robes poured the dark red Platinum Beast’s blood inside, the fragrance suddenly exploded with intense and horrifying prowess. It felt just like ferocious beasts prowling in the depths of the primitive forest and waiting to strike at the prey.

The two king-class experts’ foreheads were covered with perspiration as they felt rather nervous due to the prowling beasts’ threatening presence.


The woman in the moonlight robes constantly injected her spiritual power into the crystal bottle. The spirit qi had stirred and fused the emerald-colored concoction and the dark red beast blood into an amber color, which was sparkling and limpid.

After stirring for around ten minutes, the woman stopped.

She picked up the Deep Sea Ebony and smelled it as though she was trying to determine the Deep Sea Ebony’s age. Subsequently, she used her spiritual power to crush the Deep Sea Ebony into dust and poured it into the amber fluid.

As soon as the Deep Sea Ebony was mixed into the amber fluid, it turned dark green.

The primitive forest that was originally prowling with beasts suddenly acted out a part of history that was over 2,000,000 years ago, as there was heavy rain that would only appear during the Carnian period.


The primitive forest was instantly flooded and

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