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By comparison, becoming a Creation Master was as difficult as ascending to heaven. However, Lin Yuan could use his spirit qi channeling as a skill that was similar to Creation Masters’. In fact, it was even more effective than the standard methods Creation Masters used.

Creation Masters used many different medicinal ingredients to guide and induce a fey’s evolution. Nonetheless, during the evolution process, there was a possibility of failure.

Lin Yuan was merely channeling spirit qi into the fey’s body through his hands. His method could evolve the fey and increase its quality, and calling it god-like was not an exaggeration!


The evolution of feys was actually similar to a chronic patient consuming medicine. After consuming medicine for a long time, the chronic patient would form a resistance and wouldn’t be able to absorb the medicinal effects.

A Creation Master’s method to evolve a fey was the same as providing treatment to a chronic patient. If the fey was unable to absorb the medicinal effects, the Creation Master would use potent medicinal ingredients to form a new concoction for the fey to absorb the medicinal effects.

On the other hand, Lin Yuan simplified everything and used the most fundamental method by using his body as a medium. He would take the spirit qi that was stored in the world and use himself as the medium to transfer the spirit qi for the fey to absorb and evolve.

Lin Yuan’s method didn’t need to use up as many precious resources as Creation Masters needed. Also, according to the Usnea’s condition, it seemed like the increase of grade and quality didn’t require a long period.

“I am going to be rich!” Lin Yuan muttered to himself, while his excitement was displayed through his expressions. At the same time, Lin Yuan understood that his method would definitely be a terrifying piece of news.


Thus, in order to conceal this ability, Lin Yuan would need to pass the Creation Master’s test and obtain the qualification to become a Creation Master.

These were just Lin Yuan’s inferred thoughts, so he didn’t open the store in the morning. Instead, he experimented with the rest of the Usneas by repeating what he had done the previous night.


He spent five minutes on each pot. As a result, after a few hours, about 20 pots of Usneas had transformed into a dark green color, just like the first evolved Usnea. They were all normal-grade and their quality was Elite.

Lin Yuan chose one of the four pots of Jasmine Lilies and ground his teeth, while his body was rapidly circulating spirit qi for one hour.

The Jasmine Lily’s originally emerald green leaves had turned even more verdant. It seemed that half of the emerald green color on the leaves had gathered onto the petals’ tips, making this Jasmine Lily look extraordinary.

This meant that the Jasmine Lily had already reached elite-grade.

[Fey Name]: Jasmine Lily

[Fey Species]: Crassulaceae genus/Aeonium genus


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