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Productive spirit plants like the Usneas were very rarely available in the market.

Normal Usneas would occasionally be traded in the marketplace. However, basically no one would be willing to trade Elite Usneas in the marketplace.

An Elite Usnea was equivalent to a foundation, and small stores could already cover their daily operating expenses just by selling the produced Usnea vines.

A high-grade Usnea was expensive because it could produce over a dozen vines unlike the Jasmine Lilies that didn’t have any byproducts. If some inferior energy ores could be buried in the Usnea pot, it would be able to constantly produce vines for an entire week.

It was just like a hen that could lay eggs, making the price naturally higher.

Among the different feys, there were astronomical differences in prices.

In the fey marketplace, the highest price of a Normal Usnea would be around 1,600 Federation dollars. However, those Usneas that were well-developed and had thicker vines would have prices of around 3,000 Federation dollars. It was nearly double the price.

At that moment, Lin Yuan suddenly realized that he had actually created a huge sum of wealth over a single night.

He didn’t just have Normal Usneas, but well-developed Elite Usneas, and he had over 20 pots of them. The amount of wealth had astonished Lin Yuan, but he quickly composed himself.

Now that I have the ability to evolve feys, I will only be making more money in the future. This is just the beginning.

While walking, Lin Yuan looked at the various feys in the stalls and attempted to circulate his spiritual power. Lin Yuan could distinctly feel the instinctive compatibility with each of the feys.

Lin Yuan felt that he was more compatible with healing-type and support-type feys. Apart from that, he felt that he was especially intimate with plant-type feys.

Lin Yuan wasn’t able to feel spirit qi previously and naturally didn’t know which feys he was compatible with. Since he could circulate his spirit qi, Lin Yuan could find out his compatibility direction now that there were so many different types of feys gathered in the marketplace.

Lin Yuan couldn’t help but recall Teacher Bao’s words.

Teacher Bao had praised Chu Ci’s compatibility with defense-type feys and the fact that she was qualified to become a prodigy among the Hundred Sequence.

Since my compatibility range is so extensive, I wonder how talented I am…

Immediately after, Lin Yuan thought about his pitiful amount of spiritual energy. Given this little speck of spiritual energy, it didn’t matter how great his talent was. It was useless if he couldn’t form contracts with feys.

The types of feys that Lin Yuan was compatible with would determine that Lin Yuan would have to use Morbius’ exclusive skill, Spirit Lock, on those types of feys.

Morbius’ Spirit Lock was only able to use the fey’s initial ability, so Lin Yuan had to choose cautiously.

The healing-type and supp

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