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The Black-Winged Windfalcon wasn’t considered fast among the Bronze avian feys. However, it had a very flat back, and the feathers on its back were very thick.

Therefore, the Black-Winged Windfalcon was rather popular among the Bronze avian feys.

This trip’s travel fee was nearly half of the store’s normal revenue, 2,000 Federation dollars. If Lin Yuan weren’t in a hurry, he wouldn’t be willing to spend like this.

“Young lad, if you are used to the feeling of flying in the sky, I will let the Black-Winged Windfalcon fly a little higher. When at the altitude of the clouds, the air current is relatively calm, and the speed can be faster.”


The Black-Winged Windfalcon’s pilot knew that Lin Yuan was riding an avian fey for the first time and was nice enough not to let the Black-Winged Windfalcon travel in the high altitudes immediately.


The air in the high altitudes was thinner. Thus, those who had never ridden on avian feys before might suffer a temporary lack of oxygen due to the sudden change of altitude and faint.


Lin Yuan nodded and said, “Alright then! I am ready!”

Lin Yuan’s expression turned pale as he spoke. When looking at the ground, which was dozens of meters away, and the blurry figures of people in the street at night, Lin Yuan felt a little acrophobic. Fortunately, the acrophobic feeling wasn’t too intense, and he was able to endure it.

The pilot gave the command for the Black-Winged Windfalcon to ascend toward the clouds. When ascending, the Black-Winged Windfalcon erected the feathers on its back to help Lin Yuan block off the oncoming air currents.

Soon enough, the Black-Winged Windfalcon reached the level of the clouds and stabilized its flight.


The air above the clouds was indeed thinner, but it wasn’t scorching hot. When Lin Yuan inhaled the refreshing cold wind, he felt a sense of urgency due to the lack of oxygen that made his lungs tingle.

Lin Yuan circulated his spirit qi, and the sense of urgency quickly vanished. He looked around the surroundings and noticed bundles of clouds nearby that felt like they could be touched.

Lin Yuan reached out. It was unknown whether it was due to grabbing the clouds or feeling unsatisfied in the clouds, but Lin Yuan actually looked down and was surprised.

When riding in the clouds, the acrophobic feeling vanished and was replaced by extreme spaciousness and clarity.


The rivers looked like jade belts, while the mountains were vast and towering. At the places where the mountains intersected, they looked just like the land’s spine. They had been like this since the beginning of time and were like the land’s eternal veins and arteries.


At that moment, Lin Yuan could see a damaged mountain range from afar. A few months back, two Gold beasts had caused this scale of destruction.

The flames from the Gold fire-type fey had incinerated the plants on the mountain. After being scorched by the flame

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