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Yang Mingkai had suddenly become reserved and even changed the way he addressed Lin Yuan, so the latter involuntarily said, “Big Brother Yang, you are my senior, just call me Young Brother.”

While listening to Lin Yuan, Yang Mingkai observed his frank expression. Yang Mingkai was a forthright and straightforward person, so he patted on Lin Yuan’s shoulder and said, “Haha, I also feel comfortable calling you Young Brother.”

Lin Yuan chuckled. “Big Brother Yang, you said you wanted more Elite Usneas. I do have them, but I wonder how many more pots you need.”

Lin Yuan had already planned to stay at home to increase his spirit qi occupation rank to D-rank after delivering the fey to Chu Ci. Therefore, he was definitely going to evolve plenty of feys.


It was about time to produce more Elite Usneas.

Yang Mingkai carefully extended one finger. “Over 70 pots, adding to a total of 100 pots. Does Young Brother think it is possible?”

Before Lin Yuan could talk, Yang Mingkai quickly supplemented another statement. “Young Brother, your Elite Usneas are of Elite quality. If you sell them on the Star Web, you can get around 30,000 Federation dollars per pot. I cannot allow Young Brother to suffer a loss, so I’ll add 3,000 Federation dollars for each pot. Do you think 33,000 Federation dollars for each pot is acceptable?”

Yang Mingkai immediately offered the highest price in his mind. In fact, the price was a little lower than the high transaction prices on the Star Web. However, Yang Mingkai offered a reasonable price, which was the average price for Elite/Elite Usneas.

Yang Mingkai was going to open another fey breeding base, and that would require considerable expenditure.

33,000 Federation dollars for each of the 100 pots was already the highest price that Yang Mingkai could offer.

Lin Yuan pondered for a moment and felt that the offer was reasonable. If he had to sell them on the Star Web, he would need to waste a lot of effort. Also, instead of wasting his time, he would be able to evolve more pots of Usneas.

“Big Brother Yang, your price is acceptable. However, if you need 100 pots of Usneas, you might have to give me seven days before you can collect them.”


Lin Yuan would need two days to visit Chu Ci’s school and return. He required slightly more than an hour to evolve each pot of Usnea. After deducting the 20+ pots of Usneas that were already available, Lin Yuan would need around 70+ hours to evolve the rest.

Thus, Lin Yuan could only have them around seven days at the earliest.

“Seven days?”

Yang Mingkai was even more confident that a Creation Master was backing Lin Yuan. In addition, Lin Yuan seemed to have an extremely close relationship with the Creation Master. Otherwise, it was impossible to deliver such a huge order.

Seven days was simply too fast. Under normal circumstances, other suppliers would find it impossible to deliver even if they were given two months.

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