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Lin Yuan was naturally curious and consciously looked at Auntie Zhang’s Terror Rabbit, which he had frequently interacted with because of the new ability.

After reading through the information his True Data had compiled, it seemed that this rabbit wasn’t a Terror Rabbit. Its current appearance was merely a powerful fey’s camouflaging ability.


Unexpectedly, True Data also revealed that this powerful fey was in a severely injured state. This powerful fey’s abilities and skills were in a locked condition.

It seems like the injuries don’t allow this fey to release any ability…

Although the new pieces of information were surprising enough, Lin Yuan was awestruck because of something else he had noticed—two skills were actually locked!

Could this be a legendary Fantasy Breed?


Lin Yuan suddenly recalled True Data’s second part—”…Information that is turned into data might contain truth that cannot be distinguished on the surface.”

It seems that the pieces of information turned into data are indeed more reliable than seeing with the eyes…

This discovery left Lin Yuan rather shaken as it looked like Auntie Zhang was also a person with a story.


But who didn’t have a story?


Anyway, these things were of little importance as Auntie Zhang would always be Auntie Zhang to Lin Yuan. If he became capable enough in the future, he would definitely heal Auntie Zhang’s Terror Rabbit… No, the powerful fey.

When Auntie Zhang noticed that Lin Yuan’s complexion was no longer pale and his cheeks were even rosier than this morning, she felt at ease. Then, she removed the blue-cloth-wrapped package from her Terror Rabbit’s ear and placed it on Lin Yuan’s reception counter.

“Little Yuan, this is a nutritional meal that your Uncle Li specially prepared for you after finding out that you fainted. Your Uncle Li’s legs aren’t good, and it isn’t convenient for him to deliver it personally. Thus, he sent this troublemaker to deliver it to you.”

After speaking, Auntie Zhang rubbed the Terror Rabbit’s ear and looked at its warm-filled eyes. Then, she passed the meal box to Lin Yuan, and before he could speak, Aunty Zhang waved her hand without turning back and left with the withered Jasmine Lily.

Lin Yuan didn’t say anything and watched quietly as Auntie Zhang left. He clenched his fist tightly as though he was encouraging himself and as though he had set his mind on something.

A person must have some goals! Without a burden, how would one be able to progress unyieldingly?

The sky gradually turned dark…

Presently, Lin Yuan, Chimey, and Genius were the only ones in the store. It might not have visitors, but it wasn’t cheerless and cold. On the contrary, it was very lively and warm.

Evidently, Genius and Chimey still had lingering fears. They were chattering around Lin Yuan and afraid that something else might happen to him.

Lin Yuan knew that Chimey and Genius were worried sick, so

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