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A weak sound echoed from the originally quiet shed, and it immediately attracted Lin Yuan’s attention.

Lin Yuan turned around and couldn’t help but use his hand to slap his thigh agitatedly.

When using True Data, the information of the fey had immediately appeared.

[Fey Name]: Sharp Rock Bull

[Fey Species]: Horned species/Bull species

[Fey Grade]: Elite (10/10)

[Fey Type]: Earth

[Fey Quality]: Epic


[Rock Horn]: After applying a rock layer on the horns, disregard injuries and smash into the enemy with full strength.

[Sacrifice]: When the contractor is injured, automatically split the damage with the contractor.

Lin Yuan was excited because this Elite X fey’s quality was Epic!

It also meant that if this Sharp Rock Bull was healed, it would be able to reach bronze-grade with Epic quality, allowing the contractor to choose one exclusive skill among three skills.

Most importantly, this Sharp Rock Bull was a defense-type fey, and Chu Ci could use it.

Yang Mingkai had also heard the mooing sound, so he walked over and grabbed some stover for the Sharp Rock Bull.

He then said to Lin Yuan with an unbearable tone, “This Sharp Rock Bull has been the precious baby of our breeding base. No one expected for the Sharp Rock Bull’s horn to break during the disaster. The value of this Sharp Rock Bull isn’t because of its Epic quality but its elite-grade skill. This Sharp Rock Bull comprehended a rare ability that is exclusive to the Sharp Rock Bulls, Sacrifice. Our breeding base has nurtured over 1,500 Sharp Rock Bulls during the past years, but only this Sharp Rock Bull comprehended Sacrifice.”

Lin Yuan had also noticed the ability, Sacrifice, which could halve the damage for the contractor. He really liked the ability.

If his younger sister contracted a fey that possessed Sacrifice, it would definitely be able to protect her better, making it the best meat shield.

However, Lin Yuan had a feeling that this Sharp Rock Bull didn’t look too smart. Rock Horn was considered a suicidal charging attack that disregarded injuries. Sacrifice was an ability that helped to endure damage. This Sharp Rock Bull was simply a brave bull that was not afraid of bleeding and death. It was a top-class iron fool, not just a normal fool.


“I wonder how much you are willing to sell this Sharp Rock Bull for?”

If this Sharp Rock Bull was healthy, even Lin Yuan’s current pots of Elite Usneas wouldn’t be able to purchase 1/3 of the Sharp Rock Bull. After all, this Sharp Rock Bull was a masterpiece.

Yang Mingkai looked at the Sharp Rock Bull’s broken horn and thought for a long time before speaking. “When this Sharp Rock Bull was healthy, I was preparing to sell it for 1.5 Radiance dollars. But if Young Brother wants it, I can sell it to you for 200,000 Federation dollars.

“Young Brother, I have to say something first. It isn’t just this Sharp Rock Bull, the two Web-Spraying Spiders are

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