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Chapter 149: Come, Keyboard! The Birth of Ancestor Peace Berserker!

The mountains and waters were in serenity, while the birds, beasts, fish, and insects were all resting. As they were walking in the Endless Forest, Lin Yuan felt that the air he could smell was particularly refreshing.

It was refreshing not because of the spirit qi concentration but the fragrance from the plants and soil that pervaded the Endless Forest’s air.

At that moment, Lin Yuan noticed a thumb-sized dragonfly that was only a birch, close to 20 centimeters in height. The dragonfly was completely red, and its wings were light green. From this dragonfly’s appearance, Lin Yuan could guess that it was a Normal Mist Flame Dragonfly that had just been born.

The Mist Flame Dragonfly was an extremely rare fey with great potential. Along the way, Lin Yuan had encountered plenty of Normal and Elite feys, but the Mist Flame Dragonfly had the best aptitude among them all.

A fey’s aptitude didn’t indicate its grade, but instead the potential during the evolution process. The Mist Flame Dragonfly was a dual-type fey that had great potential in both wind and fire. If it underwent a spiritual mutation, it would be considered rather powerful among the offense-type feys that could use the wind and fire energy.

Wind could enhance fire, so wind was always fire’s best companion.

Since Lin Yuan spotted this Mist Flame Dragonfly that had a great aptitude, he naturally wasn’t going to miss out on it.

He carefully approached the Mist Flame Dragonfly. When his palm was still a certain distance away, he quickly circulated his spirit qi and allowed the Mist Flame Dragonfly to feel the pure spirit qi that was coming out of his palm.

Lin Yuan only released pure spirit qi for a split moment. The Mist Flame Dragonfly immediately flew over because it felt the split moment of spirit qi release. At that moment, the Mist Flame Dragonfly was already obediently standing on Lin Yuan’s fingertip. It wasn’t afraid of humans, and it was actually flapping its wings gently, as though it was appealing to Lin Yuan to release more spirit qi.

This scene stunned the Extreme Guild Club’s quartet. They had seen other Creation Masters harvesting in the wild, but none of them had such an easy time to develop a good relationship with wild feys.

Zhang Xiaobai suddenly muttered, “Is a handsome appearance able to make feys have a favorable impression of you? If that’s the case, all of Endless Forest’s feys should be surrounding me!”

Xin Ying couldn’t help holding her forehead. Even though it was very satisfying to hit Zhang Xiaobai, it was rather tiring to always do so. Therefore, Xin Ying took a katar out of her bag and equipped it. Zhang Xiaobai became obedient instantly.

Meanwhile, Lin Yuan stored this Normal Mist Flame Dragonfly in the fey storage box.

The group continued on their way and walked for a few hours until it was noon.

Lin Yuan had already caught severa

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