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At noon, Chu Ci and Ning Xuejun returned after eating out together. For the past few days, after getting along with Chu Ci, Ning Xuejun always felt that she was repeatedly refreshing her senses.

At first, Ning Xuejun had felt that Chu Ci was indifferent and detached from everything apart from Lin Yuan. But after interacting with her, Ning Xuejun realized that was not the case. She did not feel that faint sense of detachment either.

Ning Xuejun finally understood that the sense of detachment actually originated from her character of not wanting to bother about anything that did not concern her, as well as a hint of shyness.

Elder Ning had been researching on how to nurture the Spiral-Toothed Shark, as usual, these days. Therefore, Ning Xuejun was always with Chu Ci, regardless of whether they were eating or resting, and they gradually became friends.

“Chu Ci, we’re not going to this place to eat tomorrow. Why do they have to put so much garlic in their cold dishes! I still have to attend to some newcomers for the Creation Master’s test in the afternoon!” Ning Xuejun pouted.

Upon hearing what Ning Xuejun said, Chu Ci took a piece of watermelon-flavored hard candy out of her pocket. It had a very refreshing watermelon flavor and could cover up the strong garlic smell in the mouth.

Chu Ci had always had the habit of putting a piece of hard candy in her pocket, as Lin Yuan used to get dizzy from time to time due to his weak body or him having low blood sugar because of the daily labor of maintaining a small store. She would give the hard candy to Lin Yuan when he was feeling dizzy.


Even though Lin Yuan’s body was now healthy again, Chu Ci still maintained her habit of nearly ten years.

When Ning Xuejun saw Chu Ci hand her the hard candy, her eyes lit up, and she put it in her mouth before saying exaggeratedly, “Chu Ci, the watermelon-flavored hard candy tastes so good! It’s much better than chocolate.”

Two spirit qi professionals were sitting in the hall on the first floor of the Creation Master Association. They seemed to be women in their 20s and were dressed very beautifully. They should have made an appointment with a Creation Master to nurture their feys.

At that moment, Chu Ci suddenly heard the long-haired female spirit qi professional say, “Last night, my best friend complained tearfully to me that her boyfriend of eight years cheated on her.”

The other short-haired female spirit qi professional was clearly interested and responded, “For what reason? Why did he cheat on her? Eight years are so long that they should even already have kids!”

The long-haired female spirit qi professional was fiddling with the decorations on her spirit qi clothes and said with great contempt, “There are no good men.”

The other spirit qi professional hurriedly replied, “Yes, I think so too! Otherwise, I wouldn’t have always been single.”

Just after she finished speaking, the long-haired female spirit q

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