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Chapter 161: Congratulations! It Hasn’t Been Healed!

In the Radiant Moon Palace’s breeding room, the Moon Empress was concocting with spiritual ingredients. With her natural movements, she completed a bottle of light-purple concoction.

The Moon Empress shook her hand, and the light-purple concoction turned into an aromatic mist that enveloped a Diamond/Epic lotus fey in the lotus pond. This fey quickly absorbed the light-purple aromatic mist, and in a moment, it evolved into Diamond/Legend.

But when doing so, most of the aromatic mist was used up. What was left spread out and was absorbed by the other lotus feys in the lotus pond.

At that moment, the Moon Empress’s cell phone, which she had not used for a long time, on the table rang.

If she wanted to meet anyone, she could just summon them. If anyone wanted to meet her, they had to see whether they were worthy enough to do so.

The Moon Empress did not save many numbers in her cell phone besides those exceptional experts from the Radiance Federation. Of course, there were exceptions, such as Lin Yuan.

The Moon Empress looked at her cell phone, and a gentle smile crept on her cold face when she saw the caller ID. She answered the call. “Lin Yuan, it’s been a while since you came to see me at the Radiant Moon Palace.”

Lin Yuan hurriedly replied, “Master, I went to the Endless Forest for wild harvesting some time ago. I’m now in Redbud City again. I’ll go visit you when I go to the Royal Capital.”

He did not tell her about the dimensional rift outside Millstone Town and the battle that had ensued, as he was afraid she would worry.

Although he said nothing, the Moon Empress had long known about it since it was such a big thing that involved Lin Yuan.

Upon finding out, the Moon Empress marveled at Lin Yuan’s strength. She had always known that he had exceptional talents as a Creation Master, but she did not expect him to be such a powerful combat-class spirit qi professional.

While she was proud of Lin Yuan, she could not help but feel that she had neglected her duties.

The Moon Empress was not worried about Lin Yuan’s safety, as the Mother of Bloodbath was his Path Protector. It could take Lin Yuan away in one piece from even a Class 3 dimensional rift.

After chatting with the Moon Empress for a while, Lin Yuan stated his purpose of calling her. “Master, I would like to ask you a favor.”

Upon hearing that, the Moon Empress nearly giggled in joy. During that period, she had been worried to death. What should she do when her independent disciple did not rely on her, his master?

As a result, the Moon Empress, who rarely went onto Star Web, even searched for posts there but did not find any answers.

She then anonymously posted a post for help, but the answer she had received made her so angry that she almost crushed her phone.

If Cold Moon had not found out that the Moon Empress was angry and had taken the initiative to crush the

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