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Lin Yuan was still a bit angry that Chu Ci, a defense-type spirit qi professional, had actually injured herself in a battle with her seniors, causing her to fracture her arm.

If she wanted to practice her combat skills, she could have just gone to climb the Star Tower and fight.

Lin Yuan had not seen Chu Ci for a few months. When he saw her, he vented out the yearning he had been suppressing.

When Lin Yuan had suffered Cheng Wu’s sneak attack and was on the brink of death, all he could think of was Chu Ci, his only kin. As her older brother, if Lin Yuan really died, Chu Ci would have nobody to rely on.

Upon seeing Chu Ci’s pitiful face, her big, clear eyes, as well as her calling him in a sweet tone, Lin Yuan knew that she was using the same trick. However, he could do nothing about it. His anger due to his worry dissipated.

Lin Yuan was a carefree person. When facing his only kin, Chu Ci, the double standard was inevitable.

If other defense-type spirit qi professionals like Chu Ci fought with their seniors and worked hard to improve their offensive skills, Lin Yuan would certainly give them a thumbs-up and praise them immediately.

After all, the Star Web’s combat training techniques were less practical than actual combat, which was also why the school’s live combat classes were not on Star Web.

In Lin Yuan’s opinion, it was unrealistic to not get injured in actual combat. Nevertheless, when it concerned Chu Ci, he did not think so.

The moment he saw Chu Ci walking over with her hands, which would hurt even when she walked, hanging at her sides, Lin Yuan started feeling distressed and activated the Silver Fantasy Breed Jasmine Lily’s Heal ability.

A beam of green light filled with vitality shone on Chu Ci’s injured left arm. As the green light flowed, Chu Ci felt an indescribable comfort surrounding her arm.

A moment later, Chu Ci realized that her arm did not hurt anymore. She tried moving her arm and said in surprise, “Lin Yuan, when did you become a healing-type spirit qi professional?”

Chu Ci previously only knew that Lin Yuan had the talents to become a Creation Master, but she did not expect him to be a healing-type spirit qi professional as well.

She hurriedly ran to Lin Yuan’s side and happily observed Lin Yuan’s hand that had cast the healing energy.

Chu Ci usually missed Lin Yuan the most when she was learning in school, and after she knew that his body had recovered, her worries were gone. She was happy on his behalf, whether he was a Creation Master or a spirit qi professional, but she valued his health the most.

It was just like how Lin Yuan worried about her injury.

In Chu Ci’s heart, Lin Yuan was a giant that had always been protecting her. The word ‘older brother’ would always be the most sacred and powerful in her heart.

Chu Ci only had a vague impression of her parents, as she was still young when they had gone to fend off against the dimensional rift, not to

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