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Lin Yuan sat on the back of the Divine Travel Black Swallow and couldn’t help criticizing. It would be fine if it wasn’t comfortable to ride on the Divine Travel Black Swallow—the crucial thing was because it was hard on the butt.

The Divine Travel Black Swallow was rather small, and its body very light. Most of the feathers were gathered on the wings, so its back only had a thin layer of woolen feathers.

In fact, the Divine Travel Black Swallow wasn’t suitable for riding because it was too fast. There were plenty of avian feys that were suitable for transportation in the Radiance Federation. The Divine Travel Black Swallow might not be a comfortable means of transportation, but it was definitely the most popular avian fey.

The distance between the Radiance Federation’s major cities was too far, and if time could be saved during travel, a little discomfort could be overlooked.

Actually, before Lin Yuan ordered for the Divine Travel Black Swallow for transportation, he had also looked through other Platinum avian feys. Among them, the most expensive and comfortable avian fey would be the Orchid Fragrance Swan.

The Orchid Fragrance Swan’s appearance was exquisite. Its slender neck and wide wings looked very graceful. The white feathers that had slight pink gave off a romantic feeling. At the same time, the Orchid Fragrance Swan’s body had plenty of Goose-Feathered Orchids that were particularly pleasant to smell.

The Goose-Feathered Orchids had the fragrance of orchids and a refreshingly sweet fruit smell. Once a person could smell it, they would feel refreshed and also elegant. At the same time, the Goose-Feathered Orchids were also a type of Platinum spiritual ingredient that had extreme value. It was also the main ingredient for a high-quality perfume that was very popular among female spirit qi professionals.

The Orchid Fragrance Swan’s pinkish feathers were very smooth, and it felt as though the hand was sliding into a huge patch of silk.

Although the Platinum Orchid Fragrance Swan was so comfortable and elegant, when a spirit qi professional was going to travel for a long distance, they wouldn’t ride on the Orchid Fragrance Swan no matter how wealthy they were. The Orchid Fragrance Swan’s flying speed was truly too slow, and it was even slower than some of the Silver feys that were great at flying.

Therefore, the Orchid Fragrance Swan was normally the best choice when wealthy spirit qi professionals got married and they were going to have a honeymoon. If someone was to ride on the Orchid Fragrance Swan to attend to urgent matters, the matter might have already been resolved itself by the time the Orchid Fragrance Swan arrived.

Lin Yuan rode on the back of the Divine Travel Black Swallow and adjusted his body. After all, he would need a few days to travel from Ascending Dragon City to Redbud City.

As such, Lin Yuan checked on the source-type lifeform that the Mother of Bloodbath had retrieved from

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